Google Chrome update 27 released this week, featuring conversational voice search, faster browsing, improved search and spelling correct, as well as improvements to security. It's been all the talk online the last couple of days, and rightly so as the updated Google browser incorporated some really nice features mobile Android Chrome users have become accustomed to. So what's new with Google Chrome Browser 27 update? Check out some of the details below or scroll down towards the bottom of the webpage for how to install Google Chrome Browser 27 Voice search on your Mac,Windows or Linux PC. For those of you who already run the Chrome browser and simply need to update to Chrome 27, there are also instructions posted for how to update.

Google Chrome Update 27 New Features: Faster Browsing

Okay. So, in Google's latest browser update, Chrome 27, they've worked pretty hard on a new scheduler, which has been deployed and is all around better at processing the loading of any page you are visiting. Although Chrome is already known to be one of the faster browsers users can access, impressively Google has managed to increase load times by a whole 5%. I decided to try the browser out myself against my Safari browser and though I didn't see a largely detectable difference in the text page load and some pictures or video, where the difference came in was all the smaller features such as social media sharing buttons. All of these things seem to load quickly and smoothly while I was still waiting several seconds more for Safari to render the same.

Google Chrome Update 27 New Features: Improved Ranking Predictions

how to install Google chrome browser 27 update voice search Google Chrome browser 27 update brings improved ranking for searches and better spell check integration (Photo: Google)

In addition to loading pages faster the updated Google browser has also made some drastic changes to the way we perform searches, improving ranking predictions -- in other words, figuring out better what exactly you are looking for when you search and bringing the best result to match it. There have also been some changes to the spell checking to help you access the result you need better. In addition, one of my favorite features of Google search in general is the Omnibox, which offers a drop down list of relevant and popular searches similar to the words you have typed. Google claims to have made more improvements to this search feature as well.

Google Chrome Browser 27 New Features: Cross Client Syncing and Storage

A big feature we heard about at Google's I/O event was the changes it was making to its API. In Google Chrome 27 Update, the browser is now incorporating a chrome.syncFileSystem API which allows developers to save/synchronize information on Google Drive while also providing ways to better synch your cache across clients or in other words across a variety of Internet devices. This is good news as most of us are accessing the Internet not only from a desktop or laptop computer but also from our cell phones and tablets. The syncing and storage increases productivity and ease of use regardless of where or how you are accessing the Internet and your related files.

Google Chrome Browser 27 New Features: Google Voice Search

Google chrome browser 27 update voice search This screen represents what users will see as they speak their queries to Google Chrome browser with the updated conversational voice search (Photo: Google)

Okay, so Google Chrome voice search is a feature Android and iOS users have grown accustomed to using in performing searches, and now the updated Chrome 27 has taken that and made it even better. How is Google Chrome's voice search better? Well, because you can talk in a conversational style and it understands and brings you really fast and accurate results. I've been playing with the search for the last several minutes and I am amazed how easily it recognizes words and finds relevant information. Even when using a very long question sentence it still performs quite well. And the great thing is you don't have to agonize over finding the right "keyword" or set of keywords to get the result you want. Google has worked hard on teaching its system to recognize and understand semantics and produce results this way. To give an example, one search I just used was this:

"Will it be raining in Raleigh North Carolina tonight?"

I spoke at a normal pace and didn't try to overly enunciate and I get exactly what I was look for with Google responding, "Yes, the forecast for tonight in Raleigh NC is 77 degrees with a chance of storm. "

In addition Google brought up a graphic animated weather forecast to accompany the search result.

how to install Google chrome browser 27 update voice search When asking Google about the weather forecast for Raleigh, NC, not only did I get a spoken response, but also this animated weather forecast graphic (Photo: Google)

So how does the new Google Chrome 27 voice search work? Well it's pretty easy actually. Simply click on the microphone icon inside the search box and Google will show it is ready for you to begin talking. Just start asking a question and when you finish Google stops listening and searches for your results.

Here is what a Google spokeswoman had to say this week about the new Browser update:

"Conversational search has started rolling out on in the latest version of Chrome can just click the mic in the search box, ask your question in a natural way, and get spoken answers."

Of course if you have been using Google search on your Android, iOS or other mobile device you know this conversational style has been an option for a while. With it now coming to desktop, though, I can see a lot of people switching browsers as it will be useful to a wide variety of users, including those with disabilities

Now at this point to get Google listening and searching, users must click on the microphone icon -- but later this year we are supposed to see a "hot wording," ability come to the search engine. This would allow users to say things like "Ok, Google" and it will "wake up" the browser and begin searching for what is spoken after the hot words.

Google Chrome Update 27 New Features: Security Improvements

So while this information may not thrill everyone, the fact that Google continually works to bring one of the most secure browsers around to its users is something I'm pretty pleased to know. On this latest version of Google Chrome Browser update 27, Google fixed a whopping 14 vulnerabilities or bugs in the browser, 10 of which were ranked high risk. The vulnerabilities or bugs were found by third party sources and reported to Google, at which time the company tested them and then rewarded the hackers and security experts who found them accordingly. Prizes ranked from $500 to $3,133.70, which was won by Finnish security researcher Atte Kettunen

Another notable winner of the Google reward who came in second place with an earning of $2,000 for a high-risk security vulnerability named CVE-2013-2842 is iOS 6 Evasi0n jailbreak creator Cyril Cattiaux.

Cyril has been an independent security researcher for the past few years but has recently taken a job with Quarks Labs in Paris France. Prior to that he has been known around the web and in the Apple jailbreak community for development of the Absinthe jailbreak tool, and his role in popular jailbreaks like Corona iOS 5.0.1, Rocky Raccoon for iOS 5.1.1 and Evasi0n for iOS 6-6.1.2 untethered on all iOS devices.

How to Install Google Chrome Browser 27 for Mac, Linux and Windows PC

The process of downloading and installing the latest Google Chrome 27 update is fairly simple but here is a brief tutorial to guide you.

how to install Google chrome browser 27 update voice search Google chrome browser update 27 download screen (Photo: Google)

1. Visit the Google Chrome Browser Website (You will see a screen similar to the one above)

2. Click on the Blue "Download Chrome" button

3. Read Google Chrome Web browser's "Terms of Service"

4. Click on the blue "Accept and Install" button

5. A pop up screen will appear.

6. Select the "Open" button and then press "OK"

7. You download will begin.

8. Once the download is complete, locate the file, click on it and install.

9. Follow additional instructions Google Download gives you and soon your browser should open and be ready to search!

How To Update To Google Chrome Browser 27:

1. Open your Google Chrome Browser.

2. In the upper right-hand corner of the browser you will see an icon that looks like three horizontal lines

how to install Google chrome browser 27 update voice search Click on the icon in the upper left corner of the Google browser to find the "Settings"

3. Click on the icon and a drop down menu will appear

4. Select "Settings"

5. Once in Settings, on the left hand side is a navigation area. Click on "Help"

how to install Google chrome browser 27 update voice search Clicking on "Help" inside of Google Browser settings will show you if your browser is up to date (Photo: Google)

6. The page should tell you if your browser is up to date. If not, simply follow the instructions there for update to Google Chrome 27