The average consumer worries about price, sizing, style, and brand when shopping for clothes. If they were to ever consider a store’s ethical practices, then they could potentially go down a rabbit hole of seedy truths about how unethical many retailers are.

For the conscious shopper, there is an app that helps you decide where to take your money. Called Good On You, the Australian app lays out how ethically sourced 3,000-some fashion brands are. The app provides a rating and information about labor, environment, and animal protection.

“Our brand ratings are based on robust principles and independent data sources,” says the Good On You app’s website. “We assess how well each brand avoids causing harm to workers, the environment and animals, and what they are doing to create positive change on the issues you care about.”

First created in July as part of a crowdfunding project, it was released in November to Australian shoppers. The idea of the app is to “translate everyday shoppers’ desire for a better world into real incentives for brands to address the issues their customers care about,” according to what the app’s CEO, Gordon Renouf, said to Refinery29 in an interview.

Users can customize the app by refining each category (labor, environment, and animal protection) based on how important it is to them. For instance, if labor is the most important to a user, then they can change the setting to “very important” so the results will focus on fair labor brands.