A Golden Corral restaurant in Casper, Wyoming, is suspected to be the cause for a food poisoning outbreak in the area.

Around 200 people have fallen ill in the Casper area with food poisoning and flu-like symptoms over the past few days. Out of these 200 cases, 167 have reported that they ate at the Golden Corral restaurant, which opened recently, Daily News has reported.

Public health director Robert Harrington told KTWO radio earlier this week that people claiming to have eaten at that particular restaurant did not completely indicate that the restaurant was at fault, but it could not be ruled out either.

He said, "We now have reports of 167 people who have self-reported their illness, and all report dining at that particular restaurant. That doesn't completely indict the restaurant, but it does make a suggestive association."

The particular branch of the budget buffet and steakhouse closed voluntarily for 24 hours on Thursday this week to thoroughly clean the restaurant. According to The Inquisitr, health officials visited the restaurant earlier this week to inspect the place and question the employees and management.

David Giesen, president of franchisee Golden DBL Inc. of Denver said, "We are doubling down on all of our safety and sanitary procedures that are normally done," ensuring that the restaurant is cooperating with the health department in the investigation.

The health officials have said that the outbreak of food poisoning was most likely caused by norovirus. "Norovirus is the leading cause of food poisoning in the United States and is very contagious. It is spread person-to-person, and through contaminated surfaces, food, and water," Food Poisoning Bulletin reported.

Many customers did not have good things to say about the restaurant. They wrote about their experience at the restaurant on the review website Yelp.

One diner said that while he was standing in the buffet line, he noticed that his plate was dirty. When he checked on the other plates stacked, he saw that they were dirty too with food stains on them.

Another customer said that the floors were dirty while another complained of raw and undercooked meat, reported Yahoo! Finance.

The harshest review came from David M. He wrote:

"This was the worst experience I've had in Casper. The Bourbon Chicken gave me traveler's dysentery, and I willingly eat street vendor food in Peru, Mexico and Nicaragua and have never gotten this sick. The point is, I know world class bad food and this is in the top two or three in the world!

The steaks looked OK, but I never got there.

The Chinese was aged, the Italian looked Chef Boyardee-like, and getting ill on first dish was my only saving grace.

I can't imagine the crew training they get there....maybe it was everyone's first night.

So say grace and ask forgiveness before you go...."

Officials revealed that they can determine the exact cause of the outbreak only after they receive the results from the lab tests which are expected within the week.