Is Godzilla Too fat? Well, the latest "Godzilla" 2014 news is that some Japanese fans think the new American version of the Godzilla monster is too fat. The "Godzilla" 2014 Asia trailer was released this week, giving us the closest look of the new monster yet, but while we were obsessing over the sneak peak of the new monsters in the preview, some fans in Japan were more focused on Godzilla's weight gain. In the latest Hollywood reboot of "Godzilla", the famous Kaiju has packed on the pounds, but does that give people the right to make fun of it?

OK, so it's a little hard to miss the fact that Godzilla is a little chubbier than usual in the latest "Godzilla" 2014 trailer, but we would never fat shame the tubby behemoth. Fat shaming Godzilla is exactly what fans are doing on Japan's largest internet forum, 2ch, Kotaku reported. And while the comments about the monster's weight are extremely harsh, they're also kind of funny.

According to Kotaku, Japanese fans are calling the new Godzilla "out of shape Godzilla", "Metabozilla" and "pudgy and cute." Some of the more hilarious insults being hurled at the new monster are that "his neck looks like an American football athlete's," "he got beefed up from the radiation at Fukushima" and "that's what happened when all your do is eat and lay around." Presumably, he's been eating too many Snickers bars.

Over the years Godzilla has grown in size both vertically and horizontally, as clearly shown in this size comparison chart to promote the "Godzilla" 2014 movie. The Kaiju king is now over 100 meters tall, twice as big as he was in the Toho Show era from the 1950s to 70s. But the monster's girth has expanded at a much faster rate.

But is a stealth, skinny monster more menacing or a chubby, possibly obese Godzilla? Will the lack of neck be too off-putting in the new "Godzilla" 2014 reboot? "Godzilla" will be in theaters in the U.S. two weeks from now on May 16, 2014. Do you think the new Godzilla is too fat? Let us know in the comments.