A member of the hacker group Anonymous is claiming responsibility for taking down the popular web hosting service GoDaddy.com. The company's main site was taken down, however the attack appears to be affecting GoDaddy's customers as well.

Earlier this afternoon, a Twitter account connected with Anonymous announced that it was responsible for taking down the GoDaddy website.

Meanwhile, the GoDaddy Twitter account has apologize to users, and asked them to remain patient. They assure their customers that the company is working to resolve the issue as fast as possible.

The attack on GoDaddy appears to be fairly extensive as users are reportedly complaining of widespread service interruptions. According to TechCrunch, sites hosted on the service are down and some users are unable to access their GoDaddy-hosted email accounts. GoDaddy's phone and DNS service also appeared to be interrupted. Speaking with @film_girl, @AnonymousOwn3r confirmed that he or she had indeed taken down an entire block of DNS servers. He or she went on to say that taking down the site was not challenging, and that it could go on for quite some time.

TechCrunch reports that @AnonymousOwn3r may live in Brazil. A separate Anonymous Twitter account recalled that GoDaddy had been an initial supporter of the controversial SOPA law, before widespread outcry caused the company to retract their support.

However, @AnonymousOwn3r suggests that the attack has more to do with GoDaddy's popularity than its politics.

Earlier today, @AnonymousOwn3r also said:

Despite the successful attack, the incident highlights the fractious nature of Anonymous. While some other Anonymous-themed Twitter accounts are supportive of @AnonymousOwn3r, others are highly critical to the point of vulgarity. In fact, @AnonymousOwn3r has taken pains correct journalists reporting on the attack to ensure that he or she is correctly identified as the source of the attack. GoDaddy's websites remain down as of writing. UPDATE: GoDaddy claims that they've been able to restore some services.

The site is still down, however some users have been able to access GoDaddy.com.

UPDATE 2: GoDaddy.com is back!

UPDATE 3: The GoDaddy main site is still up and users are reporting that their websites are coming back online.

This cryptic Tweet was posted by @AnonymousOwn3r just before GoDaddy came back online, perhaps suggesting that the attack was over. At least, for now.