On Thursday, two fights broke out between female students at Murry Bergtraum High School in downtown Manhattan. As the fight was going on, "students left their classes to see the fight," according to NYC Department of Education spokesperson. One of the fights was recorded by a student and posted on YouTube, but the video was taken down over the weekend.

Police responded and broke up the fight, which resulted in nine summonses and one youth desk appearance for the students.

"It was pretty messy," senior student Fabio Seberino, 18, told DNA Info. "One girl's weave got pulled out."

Seberino said the fight lasted for three minutes until police stopped it. No students attempted to break up the fight. While the school has been known for fights and violence, this fight was something that some students have never seen before. Harrison Su, 18, did not see the fight in person but heard about details from friends and watched the video.

"There's been fights, but not like this," Su said. "There's never been a fight this big before. This was a straight-up brawl."

This is not the first time Murry Berhtraum High School has been in the news. In November, two safety officers at the school were injured while trying to break up a fight on school grounds. In March 2012, a school brawl involving dozens of students took place where the NYPD also were called and had to break up the fight.

In October, four students were taken into police custody in connection with planning arson at the school. Two boys and two girls set a textbook on fire in a classroom before a security officer was able to put on the fire.

Bergtraum High School, which is blocks away from City Hall, suffers from overcrowded classrooms. According to the United Federation of Teachers, Murry Bergtraum High has 104 overcrowded classes which are more than any other school in Manhattan. Some teachers have to teach up to 37 students in a class, which is three more than allowed in the UFT 's contract with the city.

To watch video of the school brawl, click here.