The whole subject of Giovanna Plowman's Twitter has been the subject of much controversy lately after Plowman, the Buffalo, N.Y., teenager dubbed "The Tampon girl," made headlines for her viral five-minute video of putting a dirty tampon in her mouth and sucking on it.

Many Giovanna Plowman Twitter accounts popped up in the aftermath of the grotesque video (deleted from both Facebook and YouTube for violating terms of service), one of which -- @giovannap13 -- was suspended on Thursday and another -- @ItsGiovannaP -- that was thought to be the true Giovanna Plowman account after it had amassed over 94,000 followers by noon on Thursday. The latter Giovanna Plowman Twitter account currently has over 129,000 followers.

However, another Giovanna Plowman Twitter account has surfaced -- @RealGPlowmann -- that currently has over 257,000 followers, seemingly the most followers of any of the Giovanna Plowman Twitter accounts out there. And, unlike the other accounts, the user of this one seems to be a very active tweeter, having tweeted close to 4,900 times.

Still, that may not even be the true Giovanna Plowman Twitter account until a verified account can be searched for. What's particularly odd is that the user started tweeting again on Jan. 23 after a two-month hiatus.

The tweet before that came on Nov. 20.

Maybe the user decided to start tweeting again, knowing that she would get famous with a disgusting viral video? Who knows.

Plowman's Facebook page, the true one of which was reported to have been recently deleted, is another of her accounts in question. She supposedly updated her status on the true Facebook page.

"OMG! I just found I'm going to be on Tosh.0!!! One of Daniel Tosh's agents got a hold of me and said they would love to have me and my video on their show! This is amazing. I never though it would get this big, and of course I'll be going."

If Plowman and her video do appear on the popular Comedy Central show, a Giovanna Plowman Twitter account may eventually get verified. However, what is almost certain at this point is that there will most likely be thousands more out there who will ridicule her and give her even more flak for her video, regardless of whether she appears on Tosh.0 or not and whether or not Plowman says that the tampon that she stuck in her mouth wasn't actually bloody or that it was probably dipped in Kool-Aid, tomato sauce, red paint, etc.

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