Some of your operations against the cartels in Ghost Recon Wildlands will require swift action and there's no better weapon for the job than the G2 Famas assault rifle, which is rated with the fastest rate of fire in the game. What's more, accessories like different foregrips, scopes, sights, barrels, compensators and so forth make this assault rifle extremely versatile as well.

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Here's how you can get the G2 Famas assault rifle in Ghost Recon Wildlands:

The G2 is located at the San Martin Mountain Hut in the Inca Camina region, which is found in the southwesternmost area of the Wildlands map. Clearing enemies at the San Martin Mountain Hut is relatively straightforward is it's pretty lightly guarded. Once inside, you'll notice a large crate that is at the end of the bed next to the door.

Although the G2 Famas boasts superior a rate of fire, it deals noticably less damage compared to other assault rifles. Still, the trade-off is minimal compared to the benefits of its rate of fire.

To find out exactly how to obtain the G2 Famas assault rifle, watch the video from YouTuber ScereBro PSNU below. What's more, be sure to also check out the G2 Famas loadout overview from YouTube channel StreamerHouse: