The Spirit Story Box app is a ghost hunting app that allows users to communicate with the dead. (SpiritStoryBox) The Spirit Story Box app is a ghost hunting app that allows users to communicate with the dead. (SpiritStoryBox)

If you've ever felt the presence of a ghost and wanted to communicate with it, then this new ghost hunting app is for you. The Spirit Story Box app is unlike other ghost hunting apps in that it gives the dead a voice.

The ghost hunting app is for iPhone created by Indianan ghost hunting couple Roger Pingleton and Jill Beitz, founders of StreamSide Software, The Indianapolis Star reported via USA Today.

The ghosting hunting app works by picking up changes in electrical noise and shows single or multiple word messages from a preprogrammed story engine, allowing ghosts to "communicate" with the iPhone app user.

"Electricity seems to attract the spirits," Wanda Lou Willis, a folklore historian told the Star. "Human beings have a lot of electricity in our bodies. It is believed that when we pass over, our spirits becomes something in the universe, sort of an electrical current."

So, it's not crazy to think that a ghost hunting app which picks up electrical noise could allow the dead to transmit meaningful messages to us. That is, if you believe in ghosts, and apparently more than half of the public does, according to a 2003 Harris Poll, per the Star.

Skeptics, however, say that the ghost hunting app for iPhone is just a fancy, random word generator. Any meaning a user derives from the selected words or phrases are purely fabricated in the gullible minds of the users.

The Spirit Story Box app is available in the App Store for $0.99. (An Android version currently does not exist.) User can buy additional skin, voice and visualization packs for $0.99 each pack.

The ghost hunting app for iPhone scores 4.5 out of 5 stars from 7 ratings. One user wrote, "The app is easy to use and understand and functions exactly like it's supposed to. Nice clean interface. Not flaky at all."

Another user wrote, "I highly recommend it. Very accurate. The best one I've tried so far." Though it doesn't seem like this user even needs a ghost hunting app to communicate with the dead, if she can determine that it is "accurate."

If nothing else, the ghost hunting app is pretty mesmerizing to look at. A running list of ghost communiques the iPhone app picks up is saved automatically and individual entries can be manually deleted. There is also inbuilt sharing with social networks, email or iMessage. But only if you want to share your crazy with all your Facebook friends.

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