George Takei's Tumblr, the newest addition to his nigh omnipotent social media empire, sees the former 'Star Trek' star utilizing the awesome power of the rebloggable in the service of a great cause: Hurricane Sandy relief.

Late last night, George Takei took to his Facebook (which has, at time of writing, almost three million fans and over ninety-percent of them actively engaged) to announce the launch of his brand-new Tumblr. The reason? George Takei cares deeply and passionately about the victims of Hurricane Sandy, an incredible super-storm which recently ravaged the Northeast of the United States. As George Takei points out on his Facebook, the damage from the storm can still be felt today, and its victims need your help. His Tumblr will create awareness of that necessity:

Said George Takei on his very popular Facebook approximately fourteen hours prior to time of writing:

"Friends, I've begun a Tumblr account! I've paired up with Tumblr and Humans of NY to raise funds for victims of Hurricane Sandy. Check out my Tumblr at the link below, and click on my image to offer your help. I've even provided some special Takei swag for certain levels of donors. Many thanks."

What's his Tumblr looking like so far? As George Takei knows, adroit blends of message and meme work best-- especially when they go hand-in-hand. In his Facebook biography, he writes that "growing up in California, it was illegal for Asians to marry whites. How times have changed. I married a white DUDE. And an adorable one, too!" Many miss the message like that for the more viral elements of the medium, which sees Takei adding his own touches to memes to make them even more powerful than ever before. And if it's all geared towards raising money for Hurricane Sandy Relief, well, that's pretty darn awesome, too, considering the Tumblr's already awesome fellowship and George Takei's penchant for getting people to listen to him.

At the risk of overstating, George Takei may be the only person to be able to survive an Old Navy commercial:

What can we expect from his Tumblr? We're still seeing the same hilarious and awesome pro-gay, pro-geek, and pro-equality stuff that we got from Facebook, peppered with a few featherweight meme stuff throughout that won't polarize anyone. But we're as excited as anyone to see where this goes, and we've already clicked Follow like there's no tomorrow. And we're hoping you do the same. Since it's for Hurricane Sandy Relief, it's for as good a cause as any. And even if you don't have money to give, just clicking Reblog to spread the message helps, too.

Check out George Takei's Tumblr, "Are You Talking to Meme," by clicking here.