"Gasland Part II" looks to be even more explosive and shocking than the original "Gasland." In this follow-up film, Emmy winning and Oscar nominated director Josh Fox returns to light more things on fire to highlight the dangers of fracking. The new documentary premieres on HBO tonight, Monday, July 8 at 9pm EST.

The original "Gasland" documentary was released in 2010 and shows the devastation that fracking has brought to communities in the U.S. In 2008, Fox claimed he received an offer of $100,000 from a natural gas company to lease his family's land in Pennsylvania to drill for gas. This sparked his interest in natural gas drilling or fracking and he traveled to Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Texas and other states to find out more about this phenomenon.

What he found was stories of communities torn apart and residents stricken by chronic health problems due to contamination of their water supply. In one of the more shocking scenes of "Gasland", we see a man whose water supply is so laced with chemicals that he is able to set his tap water on fire.

Watch shocking scene of water on fire from "Gasland":

In the "Gasland Part II" trailer, we see that Fox is at it again, lighting water from a hose on fire. The "Gasland" sequel also expands to cover the dangers of fracking across the world and not just the U.S.

Watch the "Gasland Part II" trailer:

The original "Gasland" documentary galvanized legions of "fracktivists" to fight against the natural gas drilling booms across the country. Could the sequel "Gasland Part II" bring even more people to the cause with even more fracking horror stories?

"Gasland" and "Gasland Part II" shines a light on the thousands of cases of water contamination, air pollution and health problems across the U.S. that the gas industry has denied causing. "The war for who was going to tell this story was on," Fox says in the trailer for "Gasland Part II" before showing scenes of demonstrations against fracking that were largely inspired by his first film.

"It's scary your own government is afraid of a business," says one man in the preview, commenting on the fact that government puts the interests of the gas industry over the well-being of its citizens.

One of the main argument against fracking is the contamination of drinking water. "People complain about the price of gas," says one woman in the preview. "Wait till you're paying twice that for water."

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