The rise of KPop reached a new low today when Republican candidate for Governor of Washington Rob McKenna danced onstage to PSY's mega-hit "Gangam Style" alongside a gaggle of Korean girls and his wife Marilyn.

McKenna, who is currently the state attorney general, appeared last Saturday at the Washington State Korean Association Korean Day where the dancing took place. A few days later his wife posted the video to Twitter with a message reading, "12-year-old son just offered me $10 never to do this again. He's no fun." The tweet was quickly picked up by Seattle Times reporter Jim Brunner.

The music video that made Korean rapper PSY a household name has spread like wildfire, surpassing summer hit "Call Me Maybe" in total YouTube hits and appearing everywhere from SNL to an online Mit Romney parody, but this may be the first time a politician attempted to mimic PSY's signature hose riding dance in order to win votes.

Yesterday, KING-TV political editor Robert Mak responded to the video with a tweet of his own, asking, "Where does campaign go from here?"

Marilyn McKenna quickly quipped back, writing, "According to the McKenna children it can only go up from here!"

The video may have won McKenna some attention from the press, but he's still struggling in what is typically a left-leaning state. The republican state attorney is going head to head with Rep. Jay Inslee for the position previously held by the soon-to-be-retired Gov. Christine Gregoire (D). According to the latest polls from HuffPo, Inslee holds a 3 point lead.

McKenna's decision to jump and gyrate to "Gangam Style" may have been a concerted effort to court the youth vote. Then again, it's always possible that he candidate was simply overtaken by the song's hypnotic beat. After all, it is a pretty catchy song.