Alright, so if you've never seen any videos by the Epic Rap Battles of History guys, "Gandhi vs. Martin Luther King Jr." might serve as a good initiation --though personally my all-time favorite surfaced during the Election 2012 debates where the jokesters at Epic Rap Battles pitted Obama against Romney.

Still, this latest viral offering is something worth watching as few would imagine characters like Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. would have anything to battle about.

However, this epic battle brings out a fictional 50-year-old grudge on the part of Gandhi who claims Martin Luther King Jr. is nothing more than a copy-cat "plagiarizing his raps."

The pacifist Indian super-figure, Gandhi, takes some hilarious jabs along the way, letting King know perhaps he should "lay off the grits" and try a little spinach, and while he's at it, stay away from the "hos."

Martin Luther King Jr has an Epic Battle comeback of his own though, boasting his huge street cred, and relegating Gandhi to the status of tech support.

The video is full of jabs and slurs but completely hilarious as all the Epic Rap Battles of History always are.

Check out "Gandhi vs. Martin Luther King Jr: Epic Rap Battles of History" below, along with the complete lyrics. It might be just enough to make you smile.

"Ghandi vs. Martin Luther King: Epic Battles of History Lyrics"


You want to battle wits see who's the better pacifist?

I fought the caste system but you still cannot touch this. Slum dog skillionare first name Messiah,

Raps so hot, I spit yoga fire.

Everything you preach, I said it first.

You should jot down these words,

plagiarize my whole verse.

Leave your thoughts on the door

Like the real Martin Luther.

I'm not thinking you should overcome this junior

Martin Luther King Jr:

I'm the king of civil rights from the city to suburbia,

No shoes no shirt, but I'm still gonna serve ya.

Make ya swallow your words, so you can break the fast, Then thank God almighty that you can eat at last.

I admire the way you broke the British power

But I have a dream that one day you'll take a shower.

Like the H in your name, you ought to remain silent. Flatten your style like bread, naan violence


You would know about bread, Dr. Birmingham sandwich, Boycott them grits, sit in with some spinach.

With protests and women the same advice goes,

Always stay, away from the hos.

Martin Luther King Jr:

I've got so much street cred,

They write my name on the signs.

Id bring ya for tech support but I got a no bell prize.

Ni**a we got more beef than one of your sacred cows, But I'm about to forgive you so hard right now


I am passively resisting the fact that you suck,

I am celibate because I don't give a f**k



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