By now you've probably heard the 'Game Of Thrones' season 4 spoiler that Joffrey has died. Fans of the book couldn't wait for it and fans of the show had eagerly hoped for it. But the Purple Wedding has happened and Jack Gleeson finally got his wish. Not that we won't miss him on GoT -- any actor that can have us hating Joffrey from day one like Gleeson is more than good at his job. Though with King Immature finally having kicked the bucket, Westeros is in need of somewhere to place the blame. And you already know in the 'Song Of Ice And Fire' world, those who killed the king get to join him in heaven/hell. The question is, who...

Tyrion Lannister

Currently the blame is being placed on the half-man we all know and love, Tyrion Lannister. While it's almost obvious to us that the Lannister is being framed, Cersei and the other wedding goers were pretty caught up in the moment to do any clear thinking. Aside from the fact that Tyrion doesn't seem the type to make such a spectacle in taking out someone, the man was too busy being humiliated to deal with any murders.

In addition to 'Game Of Thrones' season 4 framing the situation as a set up, characters' motives also come into question. While King Joffrey would treat his Uncle Tyrion horribly, what does the quick-witted Lannister have to gain from taking out his highness? It's not as if Peter Dinklage's character would be next to take the Iron Throne.

Sansa Stark

sansa stark game of thrones Sansa Stark (Photo: Facebook / Game Of Thrones)

The now wife of Tyrion Lannister and daughter of Eddard Stark was present at the Purple Wedding as well. It's certainly possible that Sansa was in cahoots with her Lannister husband to bring Joffrey's rule to an end. Though, as mentioned before, if someone like Tyrion and Sansa wanted to eliminate the King and get away with it, why would they do so in a place like the wedding? Poisoning Joffrey behind closed doors would make much more sense for two people that spend so much time in the public eye. We don't see Sansa Stark dying in the upcoming 'Game Of Thrones' season 4 episode. Though characters emerging from the shadows to tell her to "come with me if you want to live" certainly doesn't help her case.

Margaery Tyrell

game of thrones season 4 margaery Queen Margaery Tyrell (Photo: Game Of Thrones)

At this point it's a tough call to say whether or not Margaery Tyrell killed off her newlywed husband. It is certainly convenient that just when the young Tyrell is named Queen, the King husband croaks. While the motive of Margaery attaining a lot of power at once, the character's kindness leads us to believe otherwise. More than once in 'Game Of Thrones' season 3 and 4, we see the Tyrell giving back to the community and caring about others. Whether or not she committed the crime of murdering the King is a toss up. On one hand she doesn't seem capable of hurting a fly. On the other, Margaery Tyrell could have done it for the good of the kingdom.

Olenna Tyrell

game of thrones season 4 spoilers Whodunnit? Was it Alerie Tyrell? (Photo: Game Of Thrones)

And then there's Olenna Tyrell, grandmother of the new Queen and overall shady person. Well, not that shady. But her conversations with certain 'Game Of Thrones' characters, mainly Tywin Lannister, lead us to believe she had it out for the King. Her place at the table nearby Joffrey would put her in a great position to slip the poison while being just far enough away to go unnoticed. Olenna has a clear motive in wanting to kill off Joffrey after getting her family into a position of even more power. The fact that Tyrion handed him the goblet further takes the attention away from her. The question on every 'Game Of Thrones' season 4 tv-series fan is will Olenna Tyrell (or whoever actually did it) be rightfully charged for the crime?

Who do you think will pay for King Joffrey's death? What are your theories for GoT's next episode? Let us know in the comments!

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