"Game Of Thrones" season 4, oh how you play games with our heart with spoilers, recasts and even "Winds Of Winter" info. The folks over at Winter Is Coming has tipped everybody off to the recasting of Tommen Baratheon. While he's had a pretty minor role in the series as of yet, it seems HBO will choose a new actor for the upcoming "Game Of Thrones" season 4. This could mean in "Game Of Thrones" season 4 Tommen will be a more central character in the coming episodes.

The role of Tommen Baratheon in "Game Of Thrones" season 4 will now be assumed by Dean-Charles Chapman, according to the site. We can assume the brother of King Joffrey Baratheon will play a more major role in the new episodes as opposed to the episodes of olde. Joffrey's not necessarily our favorite character but, we'll reserve judgment about his brother.

There were many important moments of "Game Of Thrones" last season, but none of them more significant than the Red Wedding. We won't give away too many spoilers here, but then again if you're reading this article you probably know all about it. As fans of the show and many of its characters, well just colors and marital ceremonies don't combine again for a while.

The "Game Of Thrones" series on HBO has certainly been a profitable one for the home box office network -- despite all the rampant piracy.

What do you think of the "Game Of Thrones" season 4 spoilers so far? Sad to see Callum Wharry go? Let us know in the comments!

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