In "Game of Thrones" Season 3 Episode 4 "And Now His Watch Is Ended" we saw the episode open with the mangled hand of Jaime Lannister, the natural followup to last week's cliffhanger that saw Jaime lose his sword hand, and ultimately the source of his identity, to Locke. After being mocked for his incestuous relationship with Cersei, he attempts a feeble, left-handed swordfight that ends with him, once again, being humiliated by Locke.

"Do that again, and I'll take your other hand," warns Locke

Later, Brienne tells Jaime he "sounds like a bloody woman" for whining about the loss of his sword hand. She explains that, in the real world, people lose important things everyday. She tells Jaime she knows about him lying about her father's wealth to spare her from being raped. She asks him why he helped her, but he doesn't answer.

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Tyrion and Varys begin to pick up the pieces of their failed alliance. Varys shared the tale of how he lost his man pieces to a sorcerer in Braavos when he was an orphan boy, and uses this as an explanation as to why he wants to see the fall of Stannis and the red witch Melisandre. Tyrion asks for help in getting revenge against Cersei for attempting to have him killed during the Battle of Blackwater Bay. Varys agrees, and opens a crate in front of Tyrion. Inside, bound and gagged, is the sorcerer who "cut" Varys.

Varys then learns from Ros that Littlefinger is planning to take Sansa stark away with him when he goes to the Eyrie to wed her aunt. He takes this information to Lady Olenna Tyrell, the Tyrell family's matriarch, to work out a plan that will keep Sansa from being abducted by Littlefinger. Varys believes that Littlefinger intends to marry Sansa so that, if Robb dies, Littlefinger can take control of his army.

"He would burn Westeros to the ground to be King of the ashes," Varys tells Lady Olenna.

After their meeting, Margaery pays a visit to Sansa and tells her that, once her and Joffrey are married, she will marry Sansa to her borther, Loras, and allow them both to live in Highgarden, far away from the Lannister family.

Margaery also continues to play games with Joffrey. She eagerly indulges his interest in the macabre, taking a tour with him of the tombs and dungeons of King's Landing. While on the tour, she hears a crowd of people outside calling out to see the King and his future Queen. She convinces Joffrey to go wave to the commoners, and Cersei tries to intervene and keep Joffrey inside. He listens to Margaery and goes out to greet the people. Though they largely call Margaeary's name, Joffrey smiles.

Worried that she is losing influence over her son, Cersei tries to convince her father, Tywin, that the Tyrells are bad news. She says that Margaery is learning to manipulate Joffrey, but Tywin defends Margaery. He tells Cersei that she isn't as smart as she thinks she is, which is why Joffrey has become almost uncontrollable. He reminds her that the Tyrell's saved the Lannister's from losing King's Landing and the throne, and Cersei is obviously disappointed by her father's position.

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Conditions get worse beyond the Wall and one of the brothers dies of starvation in Craster's camp. At his funeral, members of the Night's Watch begin to talk about killing Craster and taking his food and his daughters. They confront him in his hall, and provoke Craster into attacking them. When Lord Mormont tries to stop them from raping the women, they betray him. Mormont is mortally wounded, and his death breaks the ranks of the Night's Watch. Pandemonium overruns Craster's camp as brother fights brother and Sam uses the chaos as his opportunity to escape with Gilly and her newborn son.

Theon continues his escape with his mysterious savior. While the two crawl through an unknown crypt, he reveals that he didn't actually kill the Stark boys, but instead killed two other children instead. He admits that Ned Stark was more of a father to him than his own, and that he regrets betraying the Starks. Theon's savior leads him into a dungeon with a torture rack, and Theon realizes his savior was actually working for Roose Bolton's men all along. He breaks down screaming as he gets apprehended again, this time being accused of killing his captors during the esacpe.

Meanwhile, Arya and Gendry are taken, blindfold, to the hideout of the men who captured them along with their VIP prisoner, The Hound. They meet the group's true leader Beric Dondarrion, who was part of the mission to kill The Hound's brother, Gregor Clegane. He tells the Hound the group calls itself the Brotherhood Without Banners and they serve no king or lord, but only seek to do justice in a world torn asunder by war and crime. Arya tells them how The Hound killed Micah. He is sentenced to trial by combat, and Dondarrion tells him they will fight each other.

Also during "Game of Thrones" Season 3 Episode 4 "And Now His Watch Is Ended," Daenerys gets control of her army of Unsullied when she turns Drogon over to the Valyrian slavers. Once she gets control of the Unsullied, she immediately commands her army to kill all the slave owners and to free all the slaves in the city. The Valyrian slave master tries to control Drogon, who is hovering above his head at the end of a chain.

"A dragon is no slave," she tells him, revealing that she speaks perfect Valyrian and has understood all of the insulting things he said while she bartered to buy the Unsullied. She then orders Drogon to burn the slave master to death.

After the slaughter, she tells the Unsullied they are free men and any who wish to leave her side may do so. Otherwise, they will fight alongside her as free men, not slaves. None of the Unsullied leave, and the end of "Game of Thrones" Season 3 Episode 4 "And Now His Watch Has Ended" closes with a shot of Daenerys leading her army into the sunset with her dragons soaring above her.