The Samsung Galaxy Win on Android is the company's official mid-range smartphone. We heard rumors that the Korean handset maker would release a budget Galaxy phone alongside their Galaxy S 4 phone. The Samsung Galaxy Win will have a 4.7 inch screen, smaller than the Galaxy S 4's 5 inch screen but larger than the iPhone's 4. Read on for more information about the Samsung Galaxy Win specs, features and release date.

The Samsung Galaxy Win will run Android 4.1 Jellybean upon launch. Other specs include a 1.2 GHz quad-core processor, 5 megapixel shooter on the back, VGA on the front, 8GB internal storage and Samsung's Touch Wiz Android layer. The phone will be available in Ceramic White or Titan Gray.

Read Samsung's official press release for the Galaxy Win phone here or below:

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., a leader in mobile technology and digital media, today announced the Samsung GALAXY Win, an intuitive new smartphone designed to balance the needs of the on-the-go user with massive processing power, multitasking capabilities, and a compact design for ultimate portability. As a unique and practical option for mobile users, the GALAXY Win is equipped to handle demanding tasks while still providing an effortless user experience with intuitive features including dual SIM support for a seamless work and life balance, a large display for optimal viewing, Easy Mode for simple access to most used functions, and many more.

Designed to provide the best in mobile technology that can easily fit in your pocket, the Samsung GALAXY Win is powered by AndroidTM (Jelly Bean) and comes equipped with powerful hardware that makes both gaming and multi-media easy. With a 1.2GHz quad core processor and a 4.7 inch display, there is no app or game that the GALAXY Win can't run with vivid color and resolution. The 5-megapixel camera is equipped with multiple features including Continuous Shot, Best Photo, and multiple color effects to make taking high-quality photos fun and easy. The GALAXY Win also allows users to enjoy extended multimedia use and longer talk time with 8GB of internal storage and a 2,000mAh battery.

As the perfect choice for users who want a device that can operate across multiple areas of their lives, the GALAXY Win offers intuitive solutions to enrich the smartphone user experience. For seamless work-to-play transitions, this new device comes with a wealth of enhanced smart features, including:

·'Easy Mode': A simple and intuitive homescreen mode for streamlined access to your top functions

'Smart Alert': Notifications for events you may have missed (calls, messages, deadlines) when you pick up the phone

'Motion UX': Utilize functions such as Mute, Refresh & Update, and Scan for other devices with simple motion controls

While Samsung announced the Galaxy Win details were withheld concerning release date or price.

The Samsung Galaxy S 4 phone was recently rooted even before the device's April release date. Find out more information by clicking here or reading below:

The Samsung Galaxy S 4 release is still not upon us but that hasn't stopped the phone from being rooted. Folks over at XDA Developers have provided files to root the device but only the Exynos 5 Octa version. The Samsung Galaxy S 4 root taking place prior to the devices release is an indication of just how much fans are anticipating the device. It was only a matter of time before the handset got rooted but few expected it to happen so soon. Read on for more information about the Samsung Galaxy S 4 root before the phone's release.

With the root available on the Samsung Galaxy S 4, those who choose to browse the phone's inner workings can at launch. Once rooted, users will be able to change the phone and add things to their liking, more so than the version of Android their phone comes with.

The Samsung Galaxy S 4 with Exynos 5 Octa processor is the only one so far that has been rooted. Qualcomm's Snapdragon 600 processor has yet to be rooted though we imagine it will be soon. Unfortunately for UK users, they will be receiving the Snapdragon model.

There have been many details to surface about the phone since Samsung's press event. Click here to read more about the Samsung Galaxy S 4 features and price or read below:

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is jam packed with features. Some look pretty useful, others look like a gimmick to add a bullet point on the back of the box. Many of the Samsung Galaxy S4 specs we knew already: screen size, processor, storage space, etc. The Korean company though announced numerous software features they plan on coupling with their Samsung Galaxy S4.

+ Samsung Galaxy S4 Photo Features

Samsung's flagship handset comes equipped with a 13 megapixel camera and doesn't skimp on software features. One feature gave users the ability to take photos of their family and also be in the photo, utilizing the phone's front facing camera. Another feature showed how the phone handles pedestrians walking in the back of one's pictures: the subjects stay still and the phone removes all moving things behind them.

They even announced features in regards to video chat: video callers have the ability to show others what the front-facing camera sees as well as the back simultaneously. Provided these features work as well as when they're demoed, all of these could greatly benefit users of the Samsung Galaxy S4.

- Smart Pause

Is this necessary? I can imagine a couple of actual use cases where this may come in handy (quickly checking a next stop on the bus, insurmountable laziness) but is this really a good reason to charge users extra battery life? I guess having it as an option isn't too bad, should you want to show it off.

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