The Samsung Galaxy S4 release date is the most highly anticipated consumer electronics events of the year, and now, finally, after months of speculation, we've confirmed the date. The Galaxy S4 release date will take place on March 14 in New York City at a special media event taking place at Radio City Music Hall in the evening, at 6 p.m. (EST). The Galaxy S4 release is still shrouded in secrecy, but with the date approaching quickly, most experts believe they have a firm understanding of what can be expected.

The Galaxy S4 release date has been presumed for months, mainly because Samsung has developed a healthy habit of releasing its flagship smartphone about once every year. The Samsung Galaxy series started way back in June 2009, just a few months after the original iPhone launched. Most North American cellphone users were ambivalent about Samsung as a cellphone maker, but by the time the Samsung Galaxy S2 launched in May 2011, smartphone users were becoming more familiar with the Korean consumer electronics conglomerate. In May 2012, when the Galaxy S3 released, it was touted as one of the best alternatives to the iPhone. The Galaxy S3 went on to become the most popular Android smartphone of all time. Now that Samsung is considered one of the most popular smartphone makers on the market—with 30 percent global market share—fans have high expectations for upcoming releases from Samsung.

The Galaxy S4, which still hasn't been confirmed by Samsung, is expected to introduce new technology across the board. Experts and analysts believe that Samsung will upgrade Galaxy S3 specifications in all areas including the processor, display, memory, battery, camera and more. There have also been rumors suggesting that the Galaxy S4 would incorporate other Samsung technology such as the "S Pen," Samsung's proprietary stylus that is included in its popular Note-branded devices.

Galaxy S4 specs are hard to determine at this point, especially since there haven't been any verified leaks or any confirmations given by the company. One Galaxy S4 specification that seems all-but-certain is the inclusion of the Samsung Exynos processor. Samsung announced the Exynos 5 Octa processor at CES 2013, and we can't imagine a reason why the company wouldn't include it in their new flagship mobile device. As it stands, very little is actually known about the Exynos 5 Octa processor, but if the brand name is any indication, the processor will likely have eight cores.

Given the nature of Samsung mobile processor production cycle, there's a strong likelihood that the Samsung Exynos 5 Octa processor will use four high-powered CPU cores and four lower-powered CPU cores, which will make it one of the most capable mobile processors on the market. The Exnos 5 Octa is already considered one of the fastest and all-around best mobile processors on the market, and because of that, we can't imagine Samsung including the processor in anything else other than its next-generation Samsung Galaxy-branded phone.

The Galaxy S4 display is expected to make a tremendous leap forward from the Galaxy S3's 4.8-inch, 720 x 1280 resolution screen. The Galaxy S3 packed in 306 pixels-per-inch (PPI) on its screen, but given the nature of the latest smartphones hitting the market, Samsung will likely blow the Galaxy S3 display specs out of the water. For instance, HTC's latest release, the HTC One, has the sharpest screen of any device on the market. The HTC One screen is 4.7-inches, has a 1080 x 1920 resolution and 468 pixels-per-inch (PPI). In order to stay relevant in the world of top-tier Android smartphones, the Galaxy S4 must be able to compete with the HTC One.

The Galaxy S4 screen has been rumored to about 5-inches according to most reports, which would be roughly the same size as most of its competitors. Reports also indicated that the 5-inch AMOLED Display will support 1080p resolution. The screen is said to be packed with 441 pixels-per-inch, which would be significantly higher than the pixel density of the Galaxy Note 2 or the Galaxy S3. Still, that pixel density would fall slightly below the HTC One. We expect the Galaxy S4 screen to be comparable to the HTC One's screen, and it's difficult for us to determine how well it will compare until we're able to conduct a side-by-side comparison.

The Galaxy S4 price is also hard to predict given the secretive nature of the release. "$199 and We fully expect Samsung to retain identical price tags from the Galaxy S3 in the Galaxy S4," reports The Diplomat. "Now that the Galaxy S3 has seen a price drop - Samsung is selling last year's model anywhere between $49 and $99 - Samsung is free to sell the Galaxy S4 at last year's prices." That means that the S4 will cost between $199 and $249 with a two-year contract. Without a contract, the phone will coast between $599 and $649.

For a long period of time, Android fans presumed that the next iteration of Android, dubbed Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie, would be unveiled at the Galaxy S4 release. As it stands, the likelihood of Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie being released with the Samsung Galaxy S4 is slim. Instead, most experts and analysts expect Samsung to release the latest iteration of TouchWiz, its Android front-end interface made specifically to work with Samsung devices. Through the development of TouchWiz, Samsung has been able to introduce several unique features to its phones including "Photo Sphere" and "All Share Play." It's safe to say that some of these special features will find their way onto the Galaxy S4.

The Galaxy S4 release date will reportedly coincide with the release of a weaker, lighter, smaller and slightly cheaper version of the Galaxy S4 that has been dubbed the "Galaxy S4 Mini" by members of the media. The Galaxy S4 Mini is reportedly part of Samsung's "Project J," an internal project name that's been used to refer to the slew of new devices that will be branded using the Galaxy name. The Galaxy S4 Mini, referred to internally as the "Project J Mini," will be marketed as a lower-tier phone with similarities to the full-version Galaxy S4. The Galaxy S4 Mini will probably be comparable to other low-tier Samsung devices based off of its flagship phones such as the Nexus S and Galaxy S3 Mini.

Here's exactly what Sam Mobile says about the Galaxy S4 Mini:

"One of the devices is of course the Galaxy S IV or GT-I9500 or Altius or Project J, just how you like to call it. The other 2 devices by Samsung is the Project J Mini which uses the codename Serrano. The Project J mini Serrano simple hints to the Galaxy S IV mini. This device uses almost the same accessories as the Galaxy S IV only this device can't use the wireless charging dock."

Although the Galaxy S4 release date rumors are indicating a wide variety of announcements and surprises, thankfully, we won't have to wait long to find out what exactly Samsung is planning for its 2013 mobile market strategy. The Galaxy S4 release date is expected to be the day of Samsung Unpacked 2013 (invitation featured above). We'll be attending the event, so we'll be posting information as soon as it's available. Until then, what are your hopes for the Galaxy S4?