The Galaxy S4 release date is here! Watch an online live stream of the Samsung launch event here. Read on for more Samsung Galaxy S4 release date 2013 live stream info.

Galaxy S4 Release Live Stream UPDATE: Leaked High-quality Photos Confirm Many Rumored Specs [REPORT]

The Galaxy S4 release date 2013 will be officially announced at a special Samsung event today, Thursday, March 14, 2013 at 7 p.m. Eastern Time and broadcast online via live stream. We'll be covering the launch live at Radio City Music Hall, but you can watch along on Samsung Mobile's YouTube channel. If you're feeling extra courageous and you live in or near NY you can also watch the Galaxy S4 release live stream in Times Square, where it will be shown on one of the big commercial displays. The popular tourist destination was also hit with a Samsung-sponsored flash mob yesterday in an effort to hype to Galaxy S4 release date.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 release date 2013 announcement online live stream can also be watched below via the IDG Tech News Channel:

Broadcasting onlilive with Ustream

The Galaxy S4 release date 2013 live stream announcement is easy to watch, and this decision marks a notable difference between how Samsung and Apple handle their biggest device launches. Samsung's event is open to the world in real time, while each iPhone unveiling happens behind closed doors without a live stream in sight.

Samsung has also hyped the Galaxy S4 release date 2013 announcement and live stream with a series of teaser trailers. The first shows a small, blond-haired boy wearing a suit being entrusted to transport the new smartphone, which is contained within a plain white box:

The second teaser shows the same boy open the box. He sees the new smartphone, but all we see is a golden light shining up and lighting his face. Will the same thing actually happen when the Galaxy S4 release date announcement occurs. You'll have to watch the live stream to find out:

So what can you expect to see when you watch the Samsung Galaxy S4 release event online live stream? The new device will likely be feature a 4.99-inch HD display with 1080 x 1920 pixel resolution and 441ppi. On the inside, the S4 will sport Samsung's latest eight-core Exynos 5 Octa processor. The price is almost certainly going to be $199 with a two-year contract.The S4 release date will likely arrive in about a week and definitely before the end of the month.

The biggest rumor surrounding the new smartphone is an alleged feature called "Smart Scroll." The new software will reportedly follow your eyes' movement as you read and scroll accordingly even faster than you could swipe your finger. Will "Smart Scroll" make the cut at today's big launch? Watch the Samsung Galaxy S4 release event online live stream to find out.

After you watch the Galaxy S4 release event live stream online please take a minute to post in the comments and tell us what you thought of Samsung's special launch.

In the meantime, check out these tweets from Samsung fans on Twitter who are waiting to watch the Galaxy S4 release event live stream online:

"Will the #galaxy s4 be the next must-have? #livestream #YouTubemobileUS tomorrow we'll find out #unpack #newyork," tweeted @maykoh.

"OMG!! Livestream of #TheNextBigThing Samsung Galaxy s4... I'm one of those who will see it first," tweeted @uriodreamer.

"In other news, should I follow the livestream of the #Samsung Galaxy S4 reveal event tomorrow?" tweeted @ceowin.

"Where to live stream the galaxy s4 event?" tweeted Vikram Sandhu.

"Galaxy S4 Live stream Thursday at 7:30pm #cantwait," tweeted @ZainSayeed.

"They say that #GalaxyS4 will have a live stream in Times Square during the release on #March14?" tweeted @DigiTechPanda.

"Leaked S4 images looking sick," tweeted @PSMcAtee.

"Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone Set For Launch," tweeted @DJWalker11.

"I dont think the Galaxy S4 will live up to the hype, hope im wrong though," tweeted @everyday_asian.

"Its a big day for #Samsung when it unveils its #Galaxys4 tonight at #NYC," tweeted Ritesh Bhagwati.

"It's not to far away! Less than 24 hours till Samsung releases the Samsung Galaxy S4! Looking forward to seeing it!" tweeted @luke_mansell.

"Samsung Galaxy S4 may face shortage supply issue.," tweeted 9pels@official.

"I wanna get the galaxy s4. That thing looks insane," tweeted @The_Chum_Chum.

"Oh yes. The #Samsung Galaxy S4 leaks out early!" tweeted The Gadget Show ‏@TheGadgetShow.

"Samsung 3D video converting softward bound for Galaxy S4?" tweeted Ruhani Rabin ‏@ruhanirabin.

"Galaxy S4 camera could have 3D support, new report says," tweeted Android Authority ‏@AndroidAuth.

"What's in the box? Samsung drops another Galaxy S4 teaser video," tweeted phandroid ‏@phandroid.

"Samsung Galaxy S4 'Smart Scroll' feature confirmed in screen grabs," tweeted ‏@AndroidGuys.

"the galaxy s4 will be in 32,64,and 128 gig. It will be 5 inch screen with 13mp Camera.," tweeted one man band ‏@CMSmusic.

"Keep calm and wait hopelessly for Samsung to release the galaxy s4," tweeted William Baker ‏@__Bill_i_Am__.

So what are you waiting for?! Go watch the Samsung Galaxy S4 release event live stream online and check back with IDT later tonight for our full coverage of the launch.

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