Galaxy Note II owners on US Cellular can finally rejoice. US Cellular is issuing an update to their particular variant of the Galaxy Note II that will bring Android 4.2.1 to all of the devices. The update will make the Galaxy Note II one of the fastest and most capable smartphones on the plenty.

The Galaxy Note II Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean update on US Cellular is the baseband version R950VXALL1. The update will bring several key features to the handheld device including one of the most coveted among all Android users, and that's multi-window support.

The US Celluar version of the Galaxy Note II will also be updated with several Android 4.2.1 features that include many bug fixes and several levels of increased functionality across many programs. One example of increased functionality is the inclusion of "Burst Mode" camera, which allows users to snap a series of photos in a row rather than snapping them one at a time. The update will also allow users to toggle between 3G and 1X connections. The update wil also allow users to search image files using the search option in My Files application. Small tweaks will be made to the UI as well including the replacement of the drop-down menu "Sync" that will instead function as a "multi-window" option.

The Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean update to the Galaxy Note II will be welcome news to basically all Galaxy Note II owners. The only downside is that the Galaxy Note II will come preloaded with lots of bloatware including City ID, Daily Perks, Your Navigator Deluxe, tone Room Deluxe, Gameloft Portal, Mobi TV, Amazon Apps, Amazon Audible, Amazon IMDB, Amazon MP3, Amazon Shopping, Amazon Zappos, Amazon Kindle, Let's Golf 3, Slacker Radio and Wi-Fi Now.

Although some users may find functionality in the some of the pre-installed software on the Galaxy Note II useful, we have a feeling that many would prefer that it wasn't pre-installed. Thankfully, the software can mostly be uninstalled. To find out more information about the Galaxy Note II update to Android 4.2.1 on US Celluar, check out the US Celluar Android software page.