Just earlier this week we reported that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 was slated for a February 2013 release date but today it seems according to leaks from DDAY we now have some photo proof of what the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will look like, The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 leaked photos reveal a device very similar design to the Galaxy Note 2 with a larger roomier screen space.

It seems like Samsung is really working hard to beef up its arsenal as CES brought rumors of a Galaxy S4 to release no later than June 2013, while the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Note 8 are both set to release at MWC 2013, which takes place from February 24 to 28. This isn't the first time Samsung has used to mobile expo event to launch for bringing out its Galaxy Note smartphones so nothing really too surprising there

At any rate, feast your eyes on these new leaked photos,as found at DDay.it as well as more details on the Galaxy Note 8 specs and how they compare to iPad Mini.

Galaxy Note 8 February Release Date 2013 Confirmed: 5 Specs That Beat iPad Mini [REPORT]

Watch out iPad Mini! You've got some stiff competition coming at its name is the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. With a February 2013 release date confirmed, the Galaxy Note 8 will sport some rumored specs that may just kick Apple's newbie, the iPad Mini to the curbside.

On Monday, Samsung President J.K. Shin confirmed that the newest member of the Galaxy Note entourage, the Galaxy Note 8, would debut in late February at the Annual Mobile World Conference, in Barcelona Spain. This is pretty exciting considering that the CES 2013 Samsung corner impressed everyone. Still, there wasn't so much as a murmur concerning the rumored Samsung Galaxy Note 8, set to be a response to Apple's latest addition, the iPad Mini.

Though little more was revealed in the announcement other than the fact that the Note 8 would come equipped with an 8-inch screen, still we have enough rumored specs that show iPad Mini will indeed be getting a run for their money. In addition, today we found a photo leaked on Twitter which provided some interesting spec details about the upcoming Note.

Check out the five rumored specs that, in my mind, position the Galaxy Note 8 February 2013 release date to be one worth remembering. So who wins in the Note 8 vs. iPad Mini contest? Let's see.

samsung galaxy note 8 Today a leaked photo emerged of the Galaxy Note 8 announced to release in late February 2013 --Photo: Twitter

Galaxy Note 8 Release Date Specs Win 1: Killer 1.6GHz Processor Speed

Of course there's no way of knowing for certain yet, but some reports show that the Galaxy Note 8 processor chipset might be akin to the 1.6GHz Samsung Exynox processor edging out iPad Mini's A5 1GHz Dual-core processor in terms of speed. Add to it the fact that the Galaxy Not 8 will include a nice 2GB of RAM and right there you've pretty much killed any game iPad Mini had in the processing department as the Apple newbie comes equipped with just 512MB making it look a bit wanting when 2GB can be had. In addition, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will come from the factory with the latest Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, and a 16 or 32GB hard drive expandable by microSD card slot to 32GB higher.

Galaxy Note 8 Release Date Specs Win 2: Stunning 1280x800 Pixel Display

So most Apple fan boys were pretty pleased with the fact the iPad mini had a sized-down 7.9-inch LCD display which sported an even nicer 1024x769 resolution, however, it looks like Samsung is taking measures to stick it to the competition even if it's only ever so slightly. The new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will come with an 8-inch LCD display awing users with its 1280x800 pixel resolution, which says "what about them apples, Apple?" to me.

Galaxy Note 8 Release Date Specs Win 3: Samsung S Pen Ready

Of course we'd find the Note 8 pretty horribly lacking if it didn't come equipped with the Samsung S Pen which has become a classic part of the Note Series, but with this addition we can see the Note 8 having major advantage over iPad Mini. The S Pen is one of the most versatile and fascinating tools around allowing for note taking, screen shot annotations, a plethora of colors and line sizes as well and really amazing hover features. But this is really only the tip of the iceberg. The see more of the amazing things an S pen is capable of take a look at the video below. With the Note 8 being joined by this asset, iPad Mini just can't compete.

Galaxy Note 8 Release Date Specs Win 4: Cameras

Okay so, when you are talking about cameras, Samsung really isn't bringing any surprises in its specs here, but again it seems the company is out to make a bit of a statement as the Galaxy Note 8 will have a 5-megapixel rear camera and a 1.3-megapixel front-facing camera, while the iPad Mini has nearly identical 5-megapixel back facing camera and a slightly less amazing 1.2-megapixel front camera.

Galaxy Note 8 Release Date Specs Win 5: Economy Price Point

We have to hand it to Apple, they did at least try to meet their customers half-way and provide a device that was more economy than usual. Coming in at a decent price of $329 most people will spring for it. However, Samsung could just rain on Apple's happy sales figures if the Galaxy Note 8 debuts with an even nicer price of $250 as some sites are reporting.

So there you have it, the Samsung Note 8 release date is set for late February 2013 and so far the specs say it will be a worthy competitor for Apple's iPad Mini

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