The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 release date is expected to arrive this February 2013 at the Mobile World Congress (MWC). The latest specs and features peg the next-gen "phablet" with a 6.3-inch display and 8-core processor chip. Read on for more Galaxy Note 3 release date, specs and news.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 release date is expected for MWC 2013, which takes place from February 24 to 28, according to Know Your Cell. Samsung has used to mobile expo event to launch Galaxy Note smartphones in the past, however, we can't help but think that the South Korean company may decide to schedule a separate special event around the same time as WMC in order to unveil the new phablet.

According to the latest rumors from Tech Radar, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 release date will herald the biggest Samsung smartphone yet. The device is expected to feature a 6.3-inch screen (up from the Note 2's 5.5-inch display). The tech news-site cites "reports from Samsung's Korean homeland," and adds that the Galaxy Note 3 will feature a beefed up eight-core Exynos Octa processor chip. That's a big step up from the Note 2, which featured a 5.5-inch display.

"The real problem is that major television markets like the United States remain sluggish," an insider reportedly told Korea Times. "This is much worse than display-making manufacturers expected. In contrast, the demand for tablets is increasing and that market will see further explosive demand growth next year.... We can't resist but to actively respond to the new market trend."

We've also heard rumors that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 release date will finally see the arrival of the company's long-awaited flexible, unbreakable screen. We've plenty about this "revolutionary" new technology, including that it might also show up on the upcoming Galaxy S4.

Here's an interesting quote from a Samsung rep hinting at what may be the Galaxy Note 3 release date and features via PC Advisor:

Foldable, rollable, wearable and more, [and] will allow for a high degree of durability through their use of a plastic substrate that is thinner, lighter and more flexible than... conventional LCD technology.

The Galaxy Note 3 release date may also introduce a noticeably cheaper phablet, thanks to the same flexible display technology, which is reportedly cheaper to manufacture.

"The rumor also has the flexible displays providing for a tidy manufacturing savings for all display manufacturers," The Inquisitor notes. " It is probably doubtful that Samsung and its competitors will lower the prices to compensate, so this means their smartphones, phablets and tablets will be have a higher profit margin."

Tech Radar also sites a report from "Korea Times" which claims that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 release date will coincide with a push towards increased manufacturing in China in order to reduce these production plants' reliance on Apple.

A Samsung senior official reportedly revealed at CES 2013 that, ""We have introduced the Exynos 5 Octa to appeal to Chinese clients and diversify our client base in China with better pricing and output commitment."

The Samsung rumors were also confirmed by a Huawei official, who confirmed the report pegged to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

"Yes, we were approached by Samsung. If the firm offers favorable conditions, there's no reason to deny the new business."

The Galaxy Note 3 release date will mark the third iteration of Samsung's line of phablets that no one ever expected the catch on. The massive-screened smartphone-tablet hybrid launched in 2011 to skeptical reviews but proved a cult hit with over 20 million units sold. The follow-up Samsung Galaxy Note 2 came out in 2012 and soon passed 10 million units sold. The question is whether a Samsung smartphone with a 6.3-inch screen can still hit those same numbers when the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 release date arrives. Will you upgrade to the 6.3-inch phablet?

Check out our running list of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 release date, features and specs:

-6.3-inch unbreakable, flexible screen

-8-core processor chip

-Android 5 Key Lime Pie OS

-16-Megapixel rear camera with auto focus, LED flash and BSI

-3 Megapixel front camera with 'Best Photo,' 'Best Faces,' low light show and BSI

-32,64 and 128 GB internal memory options

-3 GB of RAM

-Dimensions: 84.9 x 161.9 x 8.9 mm

-Weight: 220 grams

-4,000 mAh Li-on battery

-February 2013 release date

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