Frankenstorm is a freak of nature -- literally. The monstrous storm barreling across the Northeast coast of the U.S. is a combination of hurricane winds, a strong cold front and a full moon. The three forces have combined to create a treacherous force of nature tumbling across the east coast, walloping cities with wind, rain and snow.

Hurricane Sandy if just one ingredient of Frankenstorm, albeit the most important. Hurricane Sandy is sweeping across the U.S. east coast thanks to high-pressure near Greenland. Hurricane Sandy is expected to impact 450 miles on the coast and will bring wind speeds of more than 75 mph.

New York City, one of the many cities affected by the storm, is already a desolate, barren, ghost town in many of its most popular locations. The city's subway system shut down at 7pm, leaving some of the city's most populated areas completely empty. Photos posted by the MTA reveal desolation in some of New York City's most iconic locations.

Check out the photos of an empty New York City hours before Hurricane Sandy and Frankenstorm:

grand central 2 Grand Central Terminal is empty. (

grand central Grand Central Terminal is empty. (

Times Square Times Square is empty. (

times square Times Square is empty. (

penn station Penn Station is empty. (