The surprise hit of 2014, and for the first part of 2015, The Flash returns to the CW on Oct. 6 with its second season that promises to be bigger and better than the impressive first season.

From the way season one of The Flash ended, fans were left with more questions than answers as a black hole formed over Central City and it was up to Barry Allen to try and close it. But it can’t be that easy as fans who attended San Diego Comic-Con know when they attended the WBTV panel.

In the season 2 promo of The Flash, we have a new speedster in the form of Jay Garrick narrating the events of what is to come and a new villain in the form of a blue speedster named Zoom.

And we’ve had a The Flash season 2 promo already that showed Atom Smasher and even the Flash signal that will be in Central City.

But this promo actually shows Jay Garrick on camera and Atom Smasher fighting the Flash. It’s an interesting promo that explains what to expect.

Check out the new promo below.

The Flash season 2 will reportedly have more speedsters than just Jay Garrick, as Wally West will be joining the cast as well as Jesse Quick.

It’s going to be an intriguing season of The Flash and we hope to learn more about the ongoing saga in Central City as we approach the Oct. 6 premiere date. But in the meantime let us know what you think will happen in The Flash season 2 in the comments section below.