The Flappy Bird game captured the attention of quite a few in its prime. The masocore iPhone and Android title consumed the time of many individuals -- "just one more try," we'd say. The lone developer of the Flappy Bird app, Dong Nguyen, removed the app from Apple and Google's app store claiming the game was too addictive. The Gears developer has a point, but maybe Flappy Bird's removal was a bit premature...

Update 3.19.2014 - Seems like your prayers have been answered. Developer Dong Nguyen has spoken up and it looks like Flappy Bird will indeed return to iOS and Android. In a tweet directed at @painfullpacman Dong confirmed the game's return. The question is, when...

In the latest feature by Rolling Stone, the Flappy Bird app developer goes in depth about Dong, the game and more. One of the most interesting parts, however, may be towards the end. When asked if Flappy Bird will ever fly again the dev responds, "I'm considering it." The creator says if he ever re-releases the Flappy Bird app it will have to come with a warning, "please take a break."

While Dong Nguyen has his reasons for taking the Flappy Bird app down, we imagine it's pretty tempting to bring it back. The $50,000/day Dong was making can still be had by current players but we're sure the number has died down since the game's release. Re-submitting the Flappy Bird game to the Apple and Google app stores would certainly drum up interest in the game, even if it is just for a little while.

Should Flappy Bird return to mobile devices, it may see quite a bit of competition. With endless Flappy Bird clone apps out there -- including, but not limited to this Miley-inspired Flying Cyrus game. Should the game return, we expect phone users to gobble up Flappy Bird's return. With Gears' game being a free download, we see many people flocking (see what we did there?) to grab the original Flappy-style game.

flappy bird miley cyrus Fly, Miley, fly (Photo: iTunes)

But the question remains, do we want Flappy Bird to even return? With many people already having downloaded the app, those who want to play it either have been or know somebody with the game. Even without the OG Flappy Bird app, the multitude of clones out there should keep anyone's thirst for pipe-flying action quenched.

Would you download the resurrected version of Flappy Bird for iPhone or Android? Let us know over in the comments!

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