flappy bird iphone hack doge Apparently Flappy Bird hacks on the iPhone are a pretty big deal. Find out how to get Flappy Doge, Super Mario Bird and more on your iDevice (Photo: Imgur)

Flappy Bird iPhone hacks are few and far between, but some have hacked the iOS app with new custom looks. The popular smartphone app features a flapping bird flying between Super Mario-like pipes before meeting its inevitable doom. But why not make the game look even more like Mario, or some other popular franchise? The internet comes to the rescue with these custom Flappy Bird hacks for the iPhone. Find out the best iOS mods of Flappy Bird on iPhone below!

For many of these iPhone Flappy Bird hacks you'll need to have your phone jailbroken. Find out how to jailbreak your phone here.

Flappy Doge

Such fun, so score, wow. Fans of the popular internet meme Doge can now get the dog on their Flappy Bird for iPhone. The mod originates from the r/SuperShibe subreddit and does not disappoint. While the iPhone version of Flappy Bird already comes with a lovable bird, we're gonna have to go with doge on this one. To install the Flappy Doge hack,

1) Download the Flappy Doge image files needed here.

2) Save the file and rename it to "atlas.png", making sure the extension remains .png

3) Use the app iFile to save the new image to your device. Delete the old image with this new one, located in /var/mobile/Applications/"Flappy Bird"/Flap.app. This can also be done by renaming the picture to "atlas_old.png" and saving the image in its place.

4) Double check to make sure the new "atlas.png" image is a proper .png file by clicking the (i) and seeing that it's "atlas.png" and not "atlas.png.png" or "atlas.jpg".

5) Close iFile and load up Flappy Doge!

Flappy Super Mario Bird

super mario flappy bird iphone hack It's a-me a-Flappy Bird (Photo: Imgur)

For all the Nintendo fanboys and girls out there, the internet brings you Super Mario bird! The Flappy Bird for iPhone hack replaces the Mario-inspired pipes with actual Super Mario piping. The map pack (if you can even call it that) also changes the background to resemble the classic platformer we all know and love. Installing the iOS Flapp Bird mod is a similar affair to Doge. Though this Flappy Bird tweak will require you have Winterboard installed.

1) Navigate towards this link on your iDevice, then click on download.

2) Tap "Open in iFile" where you'll be sent to a screen containing a folder called "Super Mario Bird.zip"

3) Tap on the folder and hit Unarchiver

4) Now that you have the actual Super Mario Bird folder, hit Edit on the upper right hand corner of iFile and mark the folder.

5) Tap the clipboard icon in the lower right corner and then tap "Cut" then "Done"

6) Head over to /var/stash/themes

7) Tap "Edit" and then the clipboard once again, but "Paste" this time.

8) Close iFile, head to Winterboard and activate "Super Mario Bird" there.

9) Respring your device and enjoy the fruits of your Flappy Bird labor!

Flappy Cage

Well, we can't say this one didn't come out of left field. The iPhone Flappy Bird hack puts Nick Cage's face in the background as you move him through pipes. Similar to the actual game, Flappy Cage requires that you dodge pipes as you fly around the level. The difference being, of course, instead of a flapping bird you make use of the disembodied head of Nicholas Cage. You'll need Winterboard again, though this Flappy Bird mod for iPhone is much easier to install. Though it makes sense that the most attractive Flappy mod is the most simple to install. I mean, look at that face.

Which is your favorite Flappy Bird mod for iPhone? Are there any other iOS hacks you like? Let us know in the comments!

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