A fish grabs a man's arm...not something folks see everyday, but apparently it happened recently and boy did I find it funny.

It seems some happy go lucky fisher dude, dressed in a dark blue t-shirt and surrounded by what appears to be a girlfriend and friends, decides now may be a good time to show off just how good he is at baiting a fish, by lying down on a dock and dangling some food or other over the top of the water, as a seeming dare to the large tarpon found just below to "come and get it".

And come and get it he did as just moments later a massive tarpon found in Florida waters leaped out from its aquatic and grabbed the man by the arm.

According to Wikepedia, "Tarpons are considered one of the great saltwater game fishes, not only because of their size and their accessible haunts, but also because of their fighting spirit when hooked; they are very strong, making spectacular leaps into the air."

And leap this tarpon did as the next minute or so an all-out battle ensures as the muscly idiot who dared to tempt a tarpon attempted to wrestle his arm and himself away from the fish that grabbed him. Meanwhile his friends, egging him on are telling him to "get it" and letting him know it's a tarpon.

Meanwhile the lovely lady he was likely attempting to impress is screaming and carrying on in the background while all the time, while video tapping and encouraging him to "get him baby, ahhh!".

As the dude attempts to grab the fish and hold on to him, even after his arm has been released, the Tarpon soon lets the guy know, he's not one to be toyed with. Before long the massive tarpon has the dude back down on the ground and, at one point, nearly swallows the guy's arm whole.

Finally, realizing he'd been had, the muscled fisherman decides to let the fish go, and walks off as if it never happened.

The video to me is as fun as it is unbelievable as clearly this was not a fish to be messed with. I mean, how's some dude gonna tempt a tarpon just to try to impress the ladies? Yeah, that fish was right to grab that man's arm in my book. Perhaps next time he'll think before doing something so silly.

Still, in a way I'm sorta glad it happened as truly, seeing a massive fish grab a man's arm is not something that happens every day, and certainly brought some light into my corner of the world.

If you have a second, make sure to take a look at the video posted below of the fish who grabs the man's hand. It's sure to make you smile, or even laugh out loud.


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