"FPS - Man" is Pac-Man but in first person. If you've ever wonder what it feels to be Pac-Man alone in that dark maze, then this free online game is for you. "FPS-Man" transports you into the mind of the classic arcade character and the result is terrifying. Play it for free online here.

Pac-Man in first person Which path will you take in the first-person Pac-Man game? (screenshot/FPS-Man)

BuzzFeed noted that Pac-Man in first person is the "most terrifying game of the year." "The first thing you'll notice when you play it is that moving through endless black corridors is actually kind of creepy." As you move through the game, you start feeling more comfortable until you're confronted by a towering ghost that fills up your screen before devouring you.

Seeing the maze through Pac-Man's eyes is scary and claustrophobic as you attempt to eat all the dots and avoid the ghosts. As you're moving about the maze, you can't see around the corners, adding a fear-inducing and challenging element to the game.

Pac-Man in first person Pinky is coming to get you in first-person Pac-Man game. (screenshot/FPS-Man)

With first-person Pac-Man there is no aerial view except a tiny map in the top-right corner to show the dots in your vicinity, but the only warning you get that you're about to be swallowed by a ghost is the glow they emit as they're coming around a corner. As with the original Pac-Man game, the ghosts appear to move in set patterns. But it'll probably take you a lot longer to learn these patterns.

For the first-person Pac-Man game, use the mouse to look around, WASD or Arrows keys to move and ESC when you need to take a break from the game. Pressing the Down Arrow key lets you backtrack but not change direction like in the original game, meaning you can escape from an oncoming ghost while looking at it chasing you.

The horror element of the game is ramped up by the spooky music score of the game. When you inevitably die, you are met with a glowing red cross symbol that adds an extra level of morbidity to the game.

Pac-Man in first person You're dead. (screenshot/FPS-Man)

Watch YouTube video of first-person Pac-Man gameplay here and here.

Pac-Man is a popular arcade game developed by Namco and released in 1980. The yellow Pac-Man character is one of the most recognized game characters ever and has appeared in countless officially licensed game spin-offs, as well as unauthorized bootlegs.

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