[UPDATE 12/20] Amazon has PlayStation 4 consoles in stock, though we can't imagine that'll be true for long, and the company is offering free shipping to those who manage to snag one before the online distributer runs out of PS4 hardware again.

We're less than two weeks away from Christmas, and many parents are still scrambling to find a PlayStation 4 in time to have the new console wrapped, tagged and waiting under the tree for a special someone(s) in your life.

Unfortunately, as with many things in life, the PlayStation 4 doesn't just grow on trees -- cue parents smiling; younger readers groaning -- but there are a couple of North American retailers who might be able to help you track down a PS4 in time for Christmas.

Find A PS4 - Walmart

Walmart has confirmed that it will be getting at least one more massive shipment of PlayStation 4 game consoles before the Christmas shipping deadline. In fact, a representative of the company tells us that it's the largest shipment of PlayStation 4 consoles received to-date, presumably including the mega-chain's launch day allocation. The new consoles will be available in-store beginning at 8 a.m. on December 15, and will be available for purchase on the company's website around the same time. The company is offering free shipping on all online orders placed by Dec. 19, and pre-Christmas Rush delivery on any orders placed by December 22.

Find A PS4 - Best Buy

Best Buy has previously suggested that many of its brick-and-mortar stores will continue to receive new PlayStation 4 shipments each week, offering consumers several possible opportunities to pick up a PS4 before Christmas. VentureBeat claims to have been told by a local Best Buy employee that their store would receive a new shipment on December 17; however, it's unclear if stores outside of California will be receiving new shipments that day/week. At minimum, it's probably worth calling your local Best Buy. The retailer is also offering free shipping, for orders of $25 or more, if you purchase by 3:00pm EST on December 20, and the same Dec. 22 rush delivery deadline as Walmart.

Find A PS4 - GameStop

Like most other retailers, the vast majority of GameStop stores appear to be sold out of PlayStation 4 hardware at this time, but GameStop does give you a couple of extra options for finding a PlayStation 4 in time for the holidays -- assuming, of course, that you don't mind picking up a refurbished PS4 for that special someone(s) on your "Nice" list this year.

Each bundle is packaged with an extra DualShock 4, a 12-month PlayStation Plus subscription and a pair of PS4 games for a pre-tax package price of $609.95. The retailer also offers a refurbished PS4 bundle with a PS Vita for an extra $85. The company is also known for offering Buy Two, Get One Free sales on its entire catalog of used merchandise during holiday periods, offering the wallet-conscious a means of expanding their PS4 library without going completely broke. Neither new or refurbished hardware is currently available on the company's website, but results at your local store may vary.

Find A PS4 - Toys R Us

The Toys R Us website currently lists two PlayStation 4 bundles, but doesn't appear to offer customers any ways to purchase a PlayStation 4 console on its own (should the store ever have any for sale). Both bundles include the PlayStation 4 console, and a pair of PS4 games, but don't appear to include an extra DualShock 4 controller or any other accessories. One of the PlayStation 4 bundles comes with Killzone: Shadow Fall and Call of Duty: Ghosts, while the other is a more family-friendly combination that features Lego Marvel Super Heroes and Knack, Toys R Us is only guaranteeing standard shipments will arrive by Christmas if placed by 3:00pm EST on Dec. 19, but will accept Expedited orders up until 12:00pm EST on December 23.

Find A PS4 - Other Stores/Sites

A number of games are likely to go on sale in the days leading up to and after Christmas. In fact, Amazon is already just over $10 off Call of Duty: Ghosts for the PlayStation 4, though anyone hoping to get a PlayStation 4 from the online distributer as well will likely have to pony up the extra cash for a $700-plus purchase from one of Amazon's third-party vendor.

A slew of other less-frequently considered locations could also be worth checking between now and Christmas time. Though they're currently sold out, most Sears stores have received at least one follow-up shipment of PlayStation 4 hardware since the console's mid-November debut and could very well receive additional units between now and Christmas.

Target and Costco have also received several PS4 shipments since Nov. 15; however, neither retail chain has confirmed that it will have additional PlayStation 4 consoles prior to Christmas. Once again, we'd still recommend giving your local store a call. Even if they don't have any in stock, they might be able to tell you when their store is getting another shipment and/or whether another location has received any extra PS4 systems.

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Have your own tips for tracking down a PlayStation 4 in time for the 2013 holiday season? Spotted PS4 hardware on the shelf at your local video game retailer? Planning to wait until after the holiday rush dies down before trying to find your own PlayStation 4?

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