"Final Fantasy X / X-2" HD release date news has been abuzz across the web in recent weeks thanks to Square Enix, who has recently unleashed a flurry of new, juicy tidbits on their previously announced "Final Fantasy X" HD remaster, as well as about other upcoming Final Fantasy games, including "Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII," the third title in the Fabula Nova Crystallis "Final Fantasy XIII" series, and 'Final Fantasy XV," formerly known as "Final Fantasy XIII Versus." Gaming website Gematsu has reported that Japanese gaming publication Famitsu has gleaned new "Final Fantasy X / X-2" HD release date news regarding the remaster of the two beloved PlayStation 2-era RPGs.

The "Final Fantasy X / X-2" HD release date is slated for later this year in North America, Europe and Japan, but that hasn't stopped developer and publisher Square Enix from releasing more details about the upcoming HD remasters. According to Gematsu, "Final Fantasy X / X-2" HD is 70% complete, which is exciting news for fans who want to get their hands on the games sooner than later. The pre-rendered movies from "X" and "X-2" are being Remastered in HD, sound quality in the games has been updated, and enemy and character textures have also been given a glorious high definition facelift. Square Enix has previously announced that "Final Fantasy X" and "X-2" will come bundled together as part of their PS3 release, and will be released separately on PS Vita. Speaking with Famitsu, Square Enix has explained that the reason "Final Fantasy X" and "X-2" are being sold separately on PS Vita is because of the limitations of physical game space. Despite the setback of digital-only copies of "Final Fantasy X / X-2" HD remasters on Vita, it does speak to the massiveness of both HD remasters, which, if you're like us, has you salivating for the games. View the previously released teaser "Final Fantasy X / X-2" HD trailer below:

Square Enix previously released a "Final Fantasy X" HD trailer of character models, viewable here. Also in Final Fantasy news, Square Enix has released the beloved "Final Fantasy V" for iOS this week. Unfortunately, as per usual Square Enix iOS standards, the game is outrageously expensive, priced at $15.99 US dollars, which, for a mobile port of a 21-year-old game, is undeniably overpriced. Perhaps Square Enix pricing tactics aren't working, as, in other recent news, Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada has stepped down as the company forecasts extraordinary loss for the company for this financial quarter. Here's hoping for better times in Square Enix's near future.

Will you be purchasing "Final Fantasy X / X-2" on its imminent release date this year? Let us know in the comments, and stay tuned for more news on "Final Fantasy X / X-2" HD remasters.

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