It's certainly not the port that Square Enix fans were hoping for, but it looks like the creators of one of the most iconic RPG franchises on the planet is delving back into the archives, with word that Final Fantasy 8 may be the latest PlayStation classic getting an HD re-release.

More than a decade after Final Fantasy 8 was first released, for the PlayStation and PC, it seems that Square Enix is ready to introduce Squall, Rinoa and company the next generation of gamers. A new Famitsu report claims that Square Enix plans is planning to release another Final Fantasy 8 PC port, with the same HD treatment given to Final Fantasy 7 last year.

The report also claims the Final Fantasy 8 HD remake may even have a few bonus features not found in the North American release of the game, which first debuted on the original PlayStation back in 1999, but there's no word on what those might be at this time. A version of Final Fantasy 8 was also released for Windows, back in 2000; however, the original PC build of Final Fantasy 8 differed very little (both in graphical quality and game play) from its console counterpart.

Of course, if we're being honest, the new screenshots shown in Famitsu's report don't look all that different either, though we suspect many fans of Final Fantasy 8 aren't really concerned about a graphical update in the first place.

It's believed that the same team responsible for improved Final Fantasy 7 PC port will be handling development of the Final Fantasy 8 HD remake. Unfortunately, there's no word on a price or release date for the Final Fantasy 8 PC re-release just yet, though we suspect Square Enix would like to see the game on Steam and store shelves in time for the holidays.

Will you buy the Final Fantasy 8 HD remake when it's released in the United States? Getting tired of Square Enix rehashing their old games instead of making new ones? Hope another Final Fantasy game(s) gets an HD PC port?

Leave your thoughts in the comments section!

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