"Farmer Style" Gangnam Style Parody may be one of the most original I ave seen produced to date...and trust me there have been quite a few. With K-Pop King PSY showing up in every corner of God's green earth from the stage to the streets, Gangnam Style is one of the most nationally treasured memes of our generation. Thoug this latest parody tribute takes a simpler view point, nonetheless the effort in designing both the words and corepgraphy are brilliant. Check it out below along with the full lyrics and other great clips from Psy

Words by: Greg Peterson

Music by: PSY

No copyright infringement of original song "Gangnam Style" by PSY was intended.

Thanks to our younger sister Laura for helping us film!


We are the Peterson Farm Bros, and we're farming and we grow it

We love agriculture, and we want the world to know it

Farming is a way of life with many different flavors

Being stewards of the gifts God gave us

Out here on the farm,

We're running green John Deere Tractors

Out here on the farm,

We work in many weather factors

Out here on the farm,

We're working hard to raise your food

Out here on the farm. On the family farm.

Agriculture, is so important to me, (and should be to you) HAY!

It feeds the world and will never ever cease to be, We need to eat!

We all need farmers to provide us with our food, food, food, food!

Workin' farmer style.

Farmer Style

Work, work, work, work, working farmer style

Haaaaaaay, for my cattle

Work, work, work, work, working farmer style

Haaaaaaay, from the field

Work, work, work, work

Farmers are working harder than you might imagine

But that is just because we have a job that is our passion

We will work sunup to sundown time and time again

As if working for the Lord and not for men

Out here on the farm

We get away from lights of cities

Out here on the farm

The countryside is nice and pretty

Out here on the farm.

We work together as a family.

Out here on the farm. On the family farm.

Agriculture, is so important to me, (and should be to you) HEY!

It feeds the world and will never ever cease to be, We need to eat!

We all need farmers to provide us with our food, food, food, food!

Workin' farmer style

Hay, hay, hay, hay

Is what we feed our cattle

So they grow big and strong

And then become the food that keeps us living nice and long.

Our crops like corn and wheat

Help make diets complete

Without the farmers working

We would all be starving

You know what I'm saying?

Workin' farmer style

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey

Hey, thank the farmers!

Hey, for your food!

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[VIDEO] PSY Gangnam Style Meets MC Hammer At AMA for "Too Legit To Quit" Mashup

 You Tube

Photo: You Tube

PSY Gangnam Style has become a national epidemic and, I don't know about you, but it seems like everywhere we turn PSY and his addictive Oppa Gangnam Style are popping up. Tonight's 2012 AMA's (American Music Awards) are no exception as the K-Pop King brought the house down, closing the show with and epic mashup featuring old school rapper MC Hammer, kickin' it to the beat of "Too Legit to Quit". The video was uploaded to YouTube less than half an hour ago and already it is receiving tons of hits from fans who can't get enough of the K-Pop Oppa Gangnam Style. Due to it's mega rock star level of success, PSY's "Gangnam Style" was included in Billboard's "Biggest No. 2 Hits Ever". With is dancing chubby Asian guys, to its Ooooh Sexy Lady, Gangnam style just can't be beat.

Here are just a few of the reactions from Twitter users after seeing the Gangnam style MC Hammer Mashup this evening:

@KaeNS7 Loved seeing #Psy with #MCHammer on the AMA's. #GangamStyle#AMA2012

@jmartinez718 MC Hammer and #Psy closing out the #AMAs was genius!

@cherie_lily Psy and Hammer at the #AMAs killed it!!!! :)

@murfdirt24 I think #PSY and #mchammer should do an album together... At least one dancing music video with a single

@brandypham #PSY is the undisputed entertainer of the year! Wowza!! #respect#AMA amazing mix, collab, performance by PSY & MC Hammer

@JoeyBGCBlogger #PSY with MC Hammer Check out the performance!! CRAZY!!

At any rate, I won't burden you with details-- just watch the film provided below. I have also included his cameo with Madonna last week during her Madison Square Gardens Tour Date 2012. Enjoy!



PSY Madonna Madison Square Garden Gangnam Style Mashup Gets Rave Reviews At MDNA Tour 2012 New York [VIDEO]

What do you get when two icon-sized figures like queen of pop Madonna and K-Pop King PSY of the "Gangnam Style" sensation take the stage in Madison Square Gardens, NY? A bizarre, popified mashup few of us would have imagined, but we are all really glad came about!

Madonna's 2012 concert tour has thus far been full of surprises as Monday night, in Madison Square Gardens, the 54 year-old singer came out in true Madonna form, strip-teasing her way through the program in the name of raising money for Hurricane Sandy victims. Though the stunt brought her plenty of criticism, most who are familiar with Madonna know this is just the kind of shock treatment the queen of pop likes to apply to mainstream critics.

However, last night the rock/pop icon gave fans another surprise--one which I suspect was well received by all. It seems Madonna and PSY with his irresistible K-Pop Gangnam Style dance moves, took the stage in New York's Madison Square Garden to perform a mashup of "Give It To Me" that most who were present--or not--at the MDNA 2012 tour stop, will never forget.

Though the video has been up less than an hour, thousands of viewers are pouring in to see the clip--and it appears, from looking at the comments, fans are exstatic. Here is just a sample of what they have said:

Mind freakin' BLOWING!!!

This is pretty priceless

OMG!!! that's;madonna!! dhangg oppa!!!

PSY just got sexed up by Madonna! lolll Heyyy sexxy babbbyyy

Madonna u are amazing <3


Madonna rules, i loved <3

How amazing was this!! Thanks for sharing!!

Take a look at the video below as it may be one of the best Gangnam offerings we've seen in a while.

What is Gangnam Style?

If you don't know what Gangnam Style is, or have yet to see a video featuring it, then you must be living under a rock. After its debut in July of this year, just 4 months down the road, the initial YouTube video featuring the epic meme has racked up an astounding 30 million views in counting and goes on to be copycatted, remade and relived in any number of do-it yourself parodies by celebrities and everyday joes alike.

So what is "Gangnam Style"? Basically it is a dance pop single that was written and performed by Korean pop singer Park Jae Sung, AKA stage presence PSY. The song "Gangnam Style" features PSY's razor sharp sense of humor combined with comical dance moves that poke fun at the plastic image projected by pop-culture today.

Though the song is not recorded in English, Americans are its greatest fans. The bizarre yet infectious humor this style brings to the flashy world of Korean pop music makes it an instant winner.

Perhaps it is the inner dork in us all that relates to the laughable antics produced by this chubby and unseemly pop sensation, or simply an appreciation for the joke it plays on pop-culture, but either way, Gagnam Style is a social media meme that is probably not disappearing anytime soon. For everyday people like you and me, PSY is a person whom we can relate to, because he is real, having fun and doesn't care what anyone thinks about his dorky style.