A Fantasy Life US release date is a dream come true for those JRPG devotees among us; it's the kind of Japanese video game that seems just weird enough to tip the scale of western localization in either direction. Sure, Level-5's Fantasy Life 3DS is a bizarre, unique bestselling RPG / Town Sim game in its home country, but is that enough to submit it to the costs of western localization? Some industry bigwigs may view porting Japanese games to America with a conservative view, fearful that the costs of translation and marketing won't pay off in new markets.

Notably, however, the risk taken is often worth it, as is the case with games like Pokémon and Katamari Damacy, one of the weirdest and most wonderful Japanese game series ever to be ported to North America, which, upon its western arrival, was met with celebration, fanfare and critical acclaim. View an unbearably cute Japanese trailer for Level-5's Fantasy Life, US release date pending, below. If you still lack any desire to play this game after watching the cute trailer below, you are a bad person and don't deserve adorable things in your life.

Fantasy Life 3DS developers Level-5 and 1-UP studios have filed a trademark for their newest co-development venture for US and European trademarks, implying that the best-selling Fantasy RPG / Sim hybrid game would be headed state-wise. No Fantasy Life 3DS US publisher has yet stepped forward, though we imagine some noble publisher will rise to the occasion; there may just be big bucks in it for them too, as Fantasy Life has sold out of copies in Japan (fortunately, the game is also available in digital form via the Nintendo 3DS eShop). We sincerely hope to catch wind of a Fantasy Life US publisher soon.

What is Fantasy Life on the 3DS anyway? If you haven't caught up with the news already, the game is a combination of the classic Japanese RPG with a cutesy Town Simulator. Think Dragon Quest meets Animal Crossing, and you probably have exactly what this game is. Why hasn't someone come up with this genre hybrid sooner? Due to the incredible popularity, commercial and critical success of the game, Fantasy Life for 3DS already has a sequel in the works from developer Level-5. Sounds enticing! We hope to hear of a Fantasy Life US release date on 3DS soon, but in the meantime, let's sit back, relax and enjoy this footage of the first 55 minutes of gameplay.

Are you eager to get your hands on Fantasy Life in the US on 3DS? Stay tuned for more US release date and publishing news on the beloved new JRPG / Town Sim from Level-5 and 1-Up Studios.

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