Fall Out Boy -- the pop punk band from the Chicago suburbs -- is not getting back together. The band was rumored to be in the midst of plotting the reunion several times during 2012, and after a few months of silence, rumors of a Fall Out Boy reunion started once again.

The rumor started with a blog post from PropertyOfZach, who wrote, "PropertyOfZack has confirmed with several trusted sources that Fall Out Boy are reuniting after a three year-plus hiatus. Fans should expect an official announcement in the near future."

The rumored Fall Out Boy reunion was perpetuated by The Insider reporter Keltie Colleen. On Twitter, Keltie Colleen claimed that she had evidence that Fall Out Boy would soon reunite on stage for several performances. Unfortunately for Keltie Colleen, the rumors were proven to be untrue.

"I never have, and never will, give credence to rumors abound. That's all I have to say," tweeted Joseph Trojamun, a guitarist for the band.

"The rumors are still untrue, unreal & totally outta this world! *shreds gnar, does surf's up hand signal*. Seriously, it's not going down," said Trojamun added in a separate tweet.

The members of Fall Out Boy have moved on to different places in their lives. The band started their hiatus three years ago, and each member has started pursuing their own side project since splitting. Trohman and drummer Andy Hurley joined The Damned Things. Hurley also occasionally plays with the bands the Burning Empires and Enabler. Singer Patrick Stump started a solo career. Pete Wentz, the band's bass player, went on to join the Black Cards.