Evangelion movie release date news time! If you live in Japan, know Japanese, or don't care about actually understanding what's going on, Evangelion 3.33 U.S. DVD news matters, although, to be fair, understanding what's going on in Evangelion is not entirely a trivial matter even in English. All the more reason to wait for the DVD & Blu-Ray in English on a disc that can play in America. Because it's officially coming. But when exactly the next Evangelion release date shall be is a different question altogether.

In case you don't pay obsessive attention to Evangelion movie news, the movie that was released in theaters in Japan in November 2012 was Evangelion 3.0, but the DVD and Blu-Ray, which came out in Japan in late April of this year, is Evangelion 3.33. Both are subtitled You Can (Not) Redo; the DVD and Blu-Ray are simply a lot more spiffy than the theatrical version. The theatrical release in Japan, shockingly enough, was the second biggest opening of any movie in that market. Not, like, for the year. Across the board. Pretty impressive, Japan. Now let us see it!

The Evangelion 3.33 U.S. release date will likely be some time away, if past experience proves prescient. Just a few weeks ago, on June 11, 2013, Funimation finally announced that they are, in fact, going to bother to bring out the Evangelion DVD and Blu-Ray in the United States (hooray!). It's a pretty good way to celebrate a million Facebook likes for Evangelion, to be honest. But the news doesn't mean they are in any particular hurry.

The Evangelion 3 U.S. release date, technically speaking, is actually a stone throw's away ... if you happen to live in San Francisco. That's because the film is screening at the J-pop Summit Festival in late July and early August. It will also show during New York Comic Con in October. Chances are really good that the DVD and Blu-Ray release date will take place after that latter showing, most likely sometime between October and Christmas. New York Comic Con builds buzz, after all.

As with past Evangelion DVD releases, the transition from Evangelion 3.0: You Can (Not) Redo to Evangelion 3.33: You Can (Not) Redo brings a number of changes. These include better graphical effects, which are nice, and whole new scenes, which are more than nice. Unfortunately, they don't include changes to more normal names like Evangelion Q, as the Japanese release was called. That's hardly a mouthful at all, except for the Evangelion part, but we're used to that.

Anyway, the Evangelion 3.0 U.S. release date, also known as the Evangelion 3.33 U.S. release date, is likely to be Q4 2013 after its screening at New York Comic Con. Expect official news from Funimation shortly, since they only went public with the license a few weeks ago.