"Epic Rap Battles of History" is back for its second season and the two icons they decided to pit against one another are two musicians who shouldn't need any sort of introduction: Frank Sinatra vs Freddie Mercury.

The rap battle between Frank and Freddie touches a lot of topics both musical icons are known for, such as Frank Sinatra not writing one of his biggest hits, "My Way," and Freddie Mercury's homosexuality. Also, if you look real close, you'll catch Tay Zonday dressed up as Sammy Davis Jr. during the rap exchange.

After watching the video, "Epic Rap Battles of History" invites its viewers to cast their vote to see who won this episode's rap battle, as they always do when a new episode is posted. In my opinion, as I'm sure will be the opinion of the majority of the Internet, Freddie Mercury definitely won in this exchange.

The next "Epic Rap Battles of History" will take on the U.S. Presidential race as they'll have their own Barack Obama and Mitt Romney going at it in rap battle fashion. Let's just hope the Internet can put their political views aside and vote for the winner based on the rap battle itself, although that's something I doubt very much.