"Entourage," HBO's hit show that aired its final episode in September 2011, will make one last appearance for fans.

Warner Bros. has given the green light to start working on an "Entourage" film. The Mark Wahlberg-produced show has been rumored to be the next HBO show to appear on movie screen, a la "Sex in the City." Hopefully it doesn't take the 10 years it took between the show and the movie as it did for "Sex and the City."

Doug Ellin, the series creator, will direct the movie based on the script that he wrote for the film. Negotiations have begun for the cast to join the project. At this time, there is no start date for filming or no date on when the film would be released in theaters.

Reports say that the movie will pick up six months from where the show ended. The last episode featured Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier) flying off to get married, E (Kevin Connolly) back with Sloan and expecting a child, Drama (Kevin Dillion) back on television and Turtle (Jerry Ferrera) opening up a new restaurant in LA. Ari (Jeremy Piven) quit his job has super-agent but while on vacation with his wife, he gets a job offer to head a studio, his dream job. According to Ellin, the film will "feature some developments" concerning Ari's studio-head job so it sounds like he took the job and is probably hearing it from Mrs. Ari.

The final episode was meant to have a few loose ends that could be left to be tied up in a theatrical setting. It is assumed that Grenier, Connolly, Dillion, Ferrera and Piven will all be back for the film but there are many other characters (Mrs. Ari, Sloan, Lloyd, maybe Bob Saget) that were used during the show that could appear. You will, of course, have your Hollywood celebrities make cameos, as was the custom during the seven year run of the show.

Wahlberg has been talking about making "Entourage "in to a movie since 2010. In September, he revealed that Ellin had finished the script and production could start in the spring.

"[The movie is] going to get back to basics, kind of like the beginning of the series," Wahlberg told the website Hollyscoop. "We had very strong female characters, but we want the guys to get back to just being guys ... I think they were all weighted down by these strong women towards the end of the series, so we are going to get them going crazy. Everyone wants to see them get nuts again."