A new viral Facebook post is being passed around the social networking site claiming that Eminem, also known by his real name Marshall Mathers, was the victim of a stabbing. The update claims that the rapper was stabbed four times in New York City, and then eventually died because of the wounds. Thankfully, the image that has gone viral has been fabricated. Eminem is just the latest celebrity to become the victim of an elaborate death hoax.

"Rapper Eminem Left Nearly Dead After Being Stabbed 4 Times In NYC!" says the headline. Next to the headline is an image of a Caucasian man with a back that appears to have be slashed open by a knife. "Warning 18 !! It was all caught on surveillance video! Click the pic to play the video!" says the description just below the video.

Perhaps the most perplexing part of the entire Enimem stabbing debacle is the fact that the post has been appearing in the sidebar of the social network as an advertisement. The Eminem death hoax links to a Dropbox page, where we assume that phishers are running a survey scam. Worst of all, the survey scammers used the same exact method to drive traffic to survey sites in 2011. The previous hoax used the same exact image and the same exact premise, but the crooks behind the scheme targeted Justin Bieber instead.

Eminem has not been stabbed four times in New York City, according to his representatives. A spokesperson for the rapper said that the post was "not true" in an E! News report. "He remains unstabbed."

Although the message should be easily identified as a fake link to anyone that actually looks at the URL to which they're being redirected, many Facebook users have fallen victim to the elaborate hoax. It's no surprise that the viral posting has been spread so far, mainly because of the way that the survey site is built.

After clicking on the link that says "Rapper Eminem Left Nearly Dead After Being Stabbed 4 Times In NYC!," users are asked to take a survey before they can view the graphic footage that the link purports to have access to. One portion of the survey is dependent on it being spread to new people. Or course, when people share the survey, the hoax is propagated.

So, in short, Eminem was not stabbed four times in New York City. There is no surveillance video of the stabbing because it never happened. This is just another instance of a seemingly endless string of celebrity death hoaxes.