During the Elle Magazine's Women in Television Celebration Thursday Night at the Soho House in West Hollywood, Elle accidentally celebrated the WRONG woman!

The 68-year-old magazine confused "The Walking Dead" star Danai Gurira for Nene Leakes from "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" and "The New Normal".

Besides both these woman being absolutely stunning and in attendance of the event, there is nothing even remotely similar about these women!

Elle Magazine Instagramed a picture of Gurira with the caption: #NeNeLeakes looking gorgeous in #alexanderwang and hof_diamons #ellewitv

The mistake was eventually fixed but by then the mistake had gone viral.

Elle attempted damage control by re-posting a picture of Gurira with the caption: "Apologies - clearly someone on our team needs glasses! The fabulous Danai Gurira looking stunning as ever!"

Yahoo reported that both women handled the blunder with class.

@NeNeLeakes posted on Twitter: "@ The Elle Women in Television event! So funny how these events work! I'm glad I know who i'am"

Looks like George Stephanopoulos is no longer the talk to of town thanks to Elle's mistake! After ABC anchor confused retired basketball player Bill Russel for actor Morgan Freeman everyone was in uproar!

Jon Stewart addressed Stephanopoulos' mistake on his Comedy Central program "The Daily Show" saying that it's not a big deal because "all tall people look alike" to George.

"I see grey chins, I don't know," Stewart joked.

Some people are responding with humor towards these 'mix-ups' while others aren't pleased at all.

This is what Twitter had to say about Elle's mistake

‏‪@msflowerstweets - You wouldn't mistake Jennifer Aniston for Paris Hilton. Unacceptable. RT ‪@ELLEmagazine: Apologies-clearly someone on our team needs glasses!

‪@BougieLa - I guess we colored folk all look alike to Elle.

‏‪@Nigel_Isaiah - Elle Magazine just made a HUGE mistake on their instagram!!!! Lmao

‪@MollieinSeattle - @NatashaJarmick whoever does ‪@ELLEmagazine's twitter made a huge mistake, I am so confused...

‪@TLaTela - No damn resemblance at all Elle Magazine Mixes Up Black Actresses NeNe Leakes And Danai Gurira

What do you think about Elle Magazine's mistake? Controversial or just a simple error?