After two weeks of waiting, the folks at Zenimax Online are back with another Elder Scrolls Online update, revealing new details on ESO's PvP mechanics, armor types, and lore in the team's latest Q&A post on the game's official development blog.

We're still waiting for word on a new round of Elder Scrolls Online beta invites, with nearly a full month having passed since the last batch went out, but that doesn't mean Zenimax Online is suddenly planning to keep potential ESO players completely in the dark. In a new Ask Us Anything, that covered everything from different races' average life-expectancy to travel time between keeps in Cyrodiil, the Elder Scrolls Online dev team revealed a veritable cornucopia of new information about the highly-anticipated MMORPG which is expected to launch before year's end.

The post also had a few answers meant specifically for those who prefer to role-play in games like Elder Scrolls Online and/or fans of the Elder Scrolls franchise's extensive lore and history. The team divulged information on the average life-expectancy of the various playable races in Elder Scrolls Online, along with a confirmation that the widely-loved lore books from prior Elder Scrolls titles will remain a fairly prominent fixture in Elder Scrolls Online as well. The team also confirmed that ESO players will cross paths with several factions that still condone slavery in one form or another, including the Clans of the Reach and the Dark Elves who inhabit Morrowind.

Unfortunately, if your love of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim had you hoping/planning to role play another Dovahkiin, the ESO lore team has some bad news for you. While Dragonborns certainly haven't been scrubbed from existence, or even the various lore books to be included in Elder Scrolls Online, the game is set in an age of Tamriel which saw hundreds of years pass without a confirmed Dovahkiin. Even shouts are considered little more than a myth according to Zenimax Online.

If you'd like to read the entire Q&A, head over to the official ESO development blog for all the latest answers from the Elder Scrolls Online dev team. We've also included the latest Elder Scrolls Online trailer below, for those who still haven't had a chance to view the two-minute "Journey to Coldharbour" clip released last week.

Still waiting on your invite to the Elder Scrolls Online beta? Disappointed that ESO won't give players a chance to control another Dragonborn?

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