Information about the upcoming "Elder Scrolls Online" MMORPG continues to trickle out at a snail's pace, even as the developers continue to promise the beginning of an "ESO" beta test sometime during early 2013.

The Examiner managed to pry a few additional details on "Elder Scrolls Online" out of the game's creative director, Paul Sage, during an interview last week. Sage confirmed that the game's combat system will definitely require a degree of finesse, with basic attack/defense maneuvers mapped to players' left and right mouse buttons and attacks of varying strength tied to longer clicks. "Elder Scrolls Online" players will also have the ability to map six commonly used skills to their 1-6 keys, a genre staple that many likely already expected when "Elder Scrolls Online" was officially announced last year.

"We kept the controls simple," Sage told Examiner, "What is happening in the game world should be more interesting than what is happening in the UI."

Based on Sage's comments, it also sounds like "Elder Scrolls Online" players will have access to the same open skill tree system that has been widely praised in previous "Elder Scrolls" games; however, the Zenimax Online creative director never outright ruled out the inclusion of specific classes for players who might be seeking a more traditional MMO gaming experience. Should the studio not include such classes, it seems likely that build guides will appear online soon after "Elder Scrolls Online" is released to the public later this year.

Unfortunately, while Paul Sage did confirm that Zenimax Online planned to include a day/night cycle in "Elder Scrolls Online" when it launches, the creative director would not elaborate on what effects the time of day would have on player combat, questing, etc. His comments did seem to confirm that time will have an effect though, immediately giving us visions of assassin's whose stealth skills are bolstered at night, archers who fire more accurately during the day, skills which grant better/farther vision at night, and a host of other possibilities.

Previous interviews have also revealed some interesting tidbits about "Elder Scrolls Online" ahead of the game's beta test, expected to begin during early 2013, but Zenimax Online has remained pretty quiet on most non-lore related matters up to this point.

In a two-part discussion with The Guardian, "Elder Scrolls Online" game director Matt Firor confirmed that gamers will have access to siege weaponry during massive player-versus-player (PvP) battles, open-world PvP would exist between the game's three competing factions, that "Elder Scrolls Online" players won't be able to steal everything they see (as they could in previous "Elder Scrolls" titles), a few details on the game's instanced solo campaign, and much more.

Of course, if the "Elder Scrolls Online" beta really kicks off in the next few months, it won't be long before we have enough new info on "ESO" to fill a bank vault. Until then, we'll keep our ears to the ground, and bring you all the latest on "Elder Scrolls Online" ahead of its currently unspecified release date later this year.

Check out the cinematic trailer for "Elder Scrolls Online."

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