The time has finally come for gamers who have anxiously awaited the launch of "The Elder Scrolls Online" beta program to head over to the official ESO site and register to be one of the few who will get a chance to play "Elder Scrolls Online" before the game's planned release later this year.

In a new bpost on the official "Elder Scrolls Online" website, Zenimax Online announced that interested players can now register for the "Elder Scrolls Online" beta program which is scheduled to begin sometime during early 2013. The company also released a new trailer, called "The Alliances," which presumably shows a more cinematic interpretation of the sorts of quests and encounters that "Elder Scrolls Online" players can expect to see when the game launches later this year.

One thing's for sure; if playing a rogue/assassin is anything like the depiction shown in "The Alliances," we'd be willing to bet that "Elder Scrolls Online" will quickly find itself with the same over-abundance of the class that long-plagued World of Warcraft. That being said, "Elder Scrolls Online" certainly seems primed to deliver an MMO experience very different from current MMO favorites like WoW, Planetside 2, Guild Wars 2, or Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Elder Scrolls Online was officially unveiled by Zenimax Online in a June 2012 Game Informer exclusive, though little outside of basic plot points and a few game design ideas was actually revealed at that time. The lack of information didn't matter though, and official confirmation of the rumored "Elder Scrolls" MMO immediately left thousands of fans eagerly anticipating the ESO release date.

Traffic to the official "Elder Scrolls Online" site spiked and many gamers began to wonder when the "Elder Scrolls Online" beta would begin. Eyes were fixated on the ESO site's dedicated Beta section, which had remained mysteriously empty prior to Tuesday's beta registration announcement, though many gamers undoubtedly enjoyed the treasure trove of additional "Elder Scrolls Online" preview content that was uploaded as well.

Within hours of the opening of the " Elder Scrolls Online" beta registration on Tuesday, the dev team's announcement post was updated to include a heavy traffic warning for those hoping to register on Day 1. We were able to sign-up successfully, at approximately 12:30 p.m., EST, but it sounds like your mileage may vary for at least the duration of Tuesday afternoon.

If you haven't already had a chance, check out the new "Elder Scrolls Online" cinematic trailer that was released on Tuesday:

Are you looking forward to the release of "The Elder Scrolls Online"? Did you sign-up for the beta? Already know what faction you plan to join?

Let us know in the comments section!

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