Christmas light shows are a staple around the holidays. Usually they're set to iconic and jolly Christmas music, but a house in Meridian, Idaho decided to switch it up.

Using popular Skrillex songs, "Cinema Remix- featuring Benny Benassi" and "Bangarang," off of his similarly titled EP, a family in Idaho synced up their Christmas lights to give off a show set to the previously mentioned Skrillex songs.

According to the poster, Youtube user, yz85zak, the family has a website (here) where they talk about their long running Christmas light shows, and have previously used Skrillex songs as well ("First Of The Year").

While the website doesn't feature too much information on the plans this year, they do discuss their past Christmas light shows, which started in 2003 with 5,000 lights, and have gone up to 35,000 LED lights in 2011. The family is very enthusiastic about their light show, inviting anyone to go up to Idaho and check it out themselves. According to the Youtube video, the family used 35,000 lights, and 80 Light O Rama Channels and was prepared by a 17 year old and his father.

Skrillex has become one of the biggest artists in the world after getting nominated for multiple Grammy's and winning three, for Best Dance Recording ('Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites') and Best Remixed Recording, Non-Classical (Benny Benassi's 'Cinema (Skrillex Remix)'), and Best Dance/ Electronica Album last February. Since then, however, Skrillex hasn't put out that much music, his only major release being the "Bangarang" EP.

Watch the dubstep Christmas light show, set to Skrillex, below, courtesy of the Cadger Family from Meridian, Idaho.