Would you like a physical body with that?

A drive thru prank involving a custom-made driver's seat costume is going viral on YouTube as the world delights in watching the shocked, terrified and disbelieving expressions of dozens of fast food workers fooled by Rahat the Magician. Here's the video of his awesome drive thru prank.

As you can see, the drive thru prank is a bit of inspired genius. A car seat costume is the perfect disguise for hiding in one place and one place only: inside a car. Rahat the Magician made the costume for his drive thru prank out of cardboard, a cost-effective way to get, literally, millions of laughs. Drive thru pranks are a bit of a specialty for Rahat the Magician, as he's posed several other videos on his YouTube page. Here's what is now his SECOND most famous drive thru prank, the Floating Money.

Still feeling the magic of watching videos of drive thru pranks? Here's Rahat the Magician's 'Flaming Wallet' Trick:

Clearly, the appeal of these drive thru prank videos isn't Rahat the Magician's tricks themselves, it's in his discovery of an audience that is about as real as it gets. Fast food workers have one of the most boring jobs in the world, so getting to see them experience something magical and unexpected makes these drive thru pranks seem more like a treat than a trick.