Dreama Denver, the wife of late actor Bob Denver, revealed her husband's unknown side to the audience in an interview with Fox news. The actor is best known for his role on the television series "Gilligan's Island." Denver, who died Sept. 2, 2005, at Wake Forest University Baptist Hospital in North Carolina, was famous as a comedian.

His wife revealed that the comedian had a very serious side which anybody hardly knew. Denver said that her husband played the character well but he never allowed his fans to know what he actually was.

During the interview she revealed that her husband was a very special man who took care of their severely autistic son Colin.

"He was very under the radar, and never put himself out there that much. He put the characters out there but not himself. I wanted the fans to know who he really was because he was a special, special man, especially when dealing with our son Colin, who has severe autism," Dreama Denver told FOX411's Pop Tarts column.

Bob was very intelligent and devoted the last 21 years of his life in the service of his wife and son, his wife said. She also disclosed that their son needed full-time care which her husband fulfilled very well.

"I thought it was important to tell people that he set aside the last 21 years of his life to be with me and take care of our son, who had to have full-time care, [because he] didn't want me to do it alone. That speaks to the type of human being he was... He was highly intelligent, and I think that is the most surprising thing about him. He was extremely intelligent, and that didn't always come across in the characters that he played," said Denver.

Denver said that she had no idea that she would marry Bob one day, when she received a call to play a role in 'Play it Again Sam' wherein she had to kiss him.

"I was an actress doing regional theater, and I got a call from a friend telling me they were casting a show called 'Play it Again Sam.' I got the part, and thought 'I'm going to have to kiss Gilligan? Really?'," she said."Little did I know I would be doing those love scenes for the next 28 years."

While talking about his habits, she said that he used to drink a lot which created enough troubles in their relationship.

"I didn't think of him as an alcoholic, but he drank way too much, and that was a battle. Maybe it was alcoholism. Bob was a shy person and for him to have public adulation was odd," she said

She said that she tried leaving him many times but he would convince her to return home.

"I left so many times and he would come and get me. I was so crazy about him and the problem seemed insurmountable in the beginning. But something inside me told me that if I stuck it out he would see that our relationship was more important than a vodka bottle."

She said that the problem of drinking was an issue only in the beginning years of their life

Dreama and her husband Bob started 'The Denver Foundation' to help individuals who required special care.