Bethesda really, really likes to make PS3 owners sweat it out.

After announcing the long-awaited release date of the PC DLC on Steam (coming Feb. 5), the gaming giant still hasn't announced a firm, mark-it-on-your-calendar date for the upcoming releases for the PS3 versions of the "Skyrim" DLC. Pete Hines, the oft-maligned PR guy for Bethesda who absorbs Twitter hate like Cell absorbing Gohan, once again did not confirm any actual dates on his Twitter account, but he did confirm the price tag for the PS3 DLC. PS3 gamers will get a 50 percent discount during the week each DLC is launched -- $10 for Dragonborn and Dawnguard and $2.50 for Hearthfire.


The discount is nice, obviously, but gamers really want to know when the h*** is this happening! It's not a surprise some PS3 owners remain skeptical given the broken promises and delays they've had to endure since Dawnguard was released last summer. Bethesda has been giving fans a constant stream of "soon, soon, we're working on it" and that mantra hasn't really changed given the big announcement. Yes, we know when it's coming to PC, but an open-ended promise of "February" doesn't do much to relieve the suspicions of disgruntled PS3 gamers.

Nor does the week-to-week timetable implied by the press release. Dragonborn will be first, and then it's another week for Hearthfire and then another week for Dawnguard. So, based on that, the absolute latest start Bethesda could take on the release schedule is the week of Feb. 11.

And, in honor of what will most likely be numerous bugs in the PS3 versions of the DLC, here are some videos of our favorite "Skyrim" bugs on PS3.

PS3 LAG - Here's a great video of the super duper lag plaguing some user ("Arrow in the Knee" guard makes a cameo!)

Infinite Gold and Junk Bug

Character Steaming Bug (Still affecting my main character, no patch fix so far, makes horse riding a pain)