The new Dragon Ball Z movie is releasing in Japan on April 18. Besides some minor information and character sketches to a few of the more popular characters, we don’t know much about Fukkatsu No F outside of Frieza returning to wreak havoc on Earth.

However, a new trailer was released in Japan giving a closer look at what to expect in Dragon Ball Z: Fukkatsu No F and it’s a doozy.

Besides from the awesome new action featuring Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo and the other Z fighters, we see Frieza standing up to Earth’s mightiest heroes with a brand new transformation.

Take a look at the new trailer for Dragon Ball Z: Fukkatsu No F below.

If Japanese isn’t your native language, Anime News Network translated what is said during the new Dragon Ball Z: Fukkatsu no F trailer.

Trunks: Frieza!

Narrator: At last, the emperor returns.

Narrator: He has but one goal: revenge against Son Goku.

Frieza: Now, shall we begin?

Frieza: Allow me to show you how further evolved I have become.

Frieza: Now, let us continue with my revenge.

Goku: Frieza!

Frieza: Vegeta, I offer you the highest command in my army.

Narrator: What cruelty lies at the end of this heroic battle?

Beerus: He imitated your naivete. It is the end for you.

In addition to the new trailer, the official DBZ website has all of the character sketches for those who will appear in the new movie. You can see the main DBZ fighters along with 18, Bulma and Master Roshi among others.

Dragon Ball Z: Fukkatsu no F is set to release in Japan on April 14 with no North American date set at the time of this writing.

What do you think of Frieza’s new transformation? Are you looking forward to watching the new Dragon Ball Z movie? Let us know in the comments section below.