U.S. viewers may be in the middle of watching the dramatic third season of "Downton Abbey," but the U.K. is already prepping for the highly anticipated fourth season.


As U.K. viewers (and a majority of U.S. viewers) already know, the season three Christmas Special bid adieu to a major character ... Cousin Matthew. In the two-hour "Downton Abbey" special, the last couple minutes had a pretty massive twist. Although fans anticipated the death of Mary due to childbirth, they were shocked to watch Matthew die in a tragic car accident.

The horrific event occurred while Matthew had been driving home from the hospital where he had just met his premature son. Completely overjoyed by the news, Matthew had been distracted while driving and forced to swerve his vehicle to avoid hitting a truck. The move proved to be fatal as the truck driver rushed towards Matthew's car to find him lifeless with blood trickling from his ear.

Shortly after spoilers broke of Cousin Matthew's death, new rumors began to swirl ... about a love interest for Mary!

"No maybe about it," TVLine reported about a new love interest for the new mom. "There will definitely be a new man in her life in season four. The only question is, will it be someone we've met before or someone brand-spankin' new?"

The new man for Mary is still a mystery, but we do have some new scoop on the suitor! According to a new report from TVLine, Mary's possible new man has a name ... Lord Anthony Gillingham! The BBC series is said to be searching for a 30-something-year-old actor who is not only attractive, but has "a winning personality." Although it's still early on, the news outlet speculates that this Gillingham character will be in it for the long haul ... with "talk" of a return for season five!

Our vote for the casting of Lord Anthony Gillingham? Jonathan Rhys Meyers of "The Tudors!"

Are you happy about Lady Mary getting a new love interest? Who would you like to see cast as Lord Anthony Gillingham? Sound off in the comments section below!

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