So, fans and viewers of iTV's hit show "Downton Abbey" may or may not have seen season 3, but rumors are already leaking out on the show's plan for season 4. As it's been well documented, US viewers are just starting season 3, but UK viewers have seen the entire season and are itching for spoilers for season 4. If you haven't finished season 3, I highly suggest you stop reading this article to remain spoiler-free.

As you may know, "Downton Abbey" actors have been closely linked to productions in the US. Obviously Elizabeth McGovern, who plays Cora Crawley, has had a lot of experience in Hollywood, starring in "Ragtime," where she was nominated for an Academy Award, and a plethora of other films and TV shows. Most recently, Dan Stevens has been hanging out at Broadway, starring in a play with potential Academy Award nominee Jessica Chastain called "The Heiress." Now, most recently, Deadline is reporting that Amy Nuttall signed a deal for American representation with Brillstein Entertainment Partner. According to, many other actors on "Downton Abbey" has representation in the US, but for Nuttall, who plays Ethel on the show, this is a major deal. Now, not only can she promote "Downton Abbey" in the US, but also could help her land some gigs in the US.

Will she be leaving "Downton Abbey" in the upcoming season? The show's already lost one of their main stars, Dan Stevens, who played Matthew Crawley but whose character died in the season 3 Christmas Special, shortly after his son was born. Most media reports indicate Stevens' character was killed off because he wanted to leave the show to pursue a career in Hollywood. However, assures readers that Nuttall will be a part of "Downton Abbey" season 4. "The show remains a huge opportunity for other actors to show off some of their talents, and the filming schedule also allows them enough time to still pursue some other opportunities."

Does this new development mean that more and more actors from "Downton Abbey" could be leaving the show to advance their careers? Only time can tell but we can only hope that that doesn't happen.