"Downton Abbey" season 4 Christhmas special spoilers are taking a seamy turn with rumors that there will be a sex scandal which the Crawley family and Lord Grantham will end up involved in as they visit Buckingham Palace during Rose's coming out ball. According to the "Downton Abbey" Christmas special spoilers (aside from the fact that the costumes aren't washed) that we've heard so far, it seems that Rose and perhaps other members of the Crawley household will get involved with the four sons of King George, who were known as David, Bertie, Harry and George. Julian Fellows has said that the one he intends to focus on the most will be David, also known as Edward, Prince of Wales. At the same time it looks like other potential sources of scandal could be Lady Mary who already has suitors clamoring after her. She had an affair with Kemal Pamuk in the past along with the pregnant Lady Edith who at this point might already be in Switzerland. Hopefully we won't lose another character during the "Downton Abbey" season 4 Christmas special.

To find out the "Downton Abbey" season 4 Christmas special spoilers we will have to wait till the "Downton Abbey" season 4 Christmas special airs for UK viewers through ITV on December 25, 2013 with the title "The London Season". UK viewers will get to see the episode ITV1 on Christmas Day at 8:30 pm.The "Downton Abbey" season 4 Christmas special takes place in the summer of 1923 and will focus on the Crawley family as they are in London for Rose to finally have her debutante ball, a bit late at 21. Meanwhile Martha Levinson, Cora's mother and her brother Harold are coming over to the UK, something the Dowager Countess isn't pleased about since she doesn't get along particularly well with the American matriarch. It could be that they are coming over for Rose's debutante ball or it might be related to earlier legal troubles in America. If the Crawley family ends up in Buckingham Palace in the midst of a Royal scandal it's most likely candidate is Rose who has already just ended an affair with the black jazz singer, Jack Ross.

All four brothers were involved in affairs and scandal worthy material according to "Downton Abbey" season 4 Christmas special spoilers. David or Prince Edward was most notorious for his many affairs, he was involved with Freda Dudley Ward, the wife of a Liberal MP at the start of World War I however he grew to become angry about various insults directed at her by his family and his father, "Christ! I loathe and despise my bloody family," he wrote to her. "But if HM [the King] thinks he's going to alter me by insulting you he's making just about the biggest mistake of his silly useless life. All he has done is infuriate me & make me despise him. God! Damn him!! I'll have whatever friends I like & what is more I won't have them insulted or I'll bloody well insult him!" He later abruptly switched his interest to an American, Mrs. Simpson and Mrs. Ward revealed the details of the affair writing about Prince Edward's habits revealing elements of "Fifty Shades of Gray", "I could have done anything with him. Love bewitched him. He made himself a slave of whomever he loved and became totally dependent on her. It was his nature; he was a masochist. He liked being humbled, degraded. He begged for it."

In terms of "Downton Abbey" season 4 spoilers that seems an unlikely scandal for Rose or anyone else in the Crawley family to be engaged in, so it's probably not that. Another son, Bertie, who later become King George VI, was also involved in various affairs and married women. He was also subject of the movie "The King's Speech". Prince Harry and Prince George similarily not only engaged in affairs but were also involved in the growing usage of drugs that blossomed in the liberal post-war "Roaring Twenties" and into the 30's till the Great Depression. A new trailer has been released for the "Downton Abbey" season 4 Christmas special and it can be watched (HERE). The description for the "Downton Abbey" season 4 Christhmas special is as follows:

A visit to Buckingham Palace isn't the only event on the card for the Crawleys trip to London in the Downton Abbey Christmas special.

In the teaser, Martha tells Lady Grantham: "The gang's all here!", to which she replies coldly: "Is that American for hello?"Later on in the one minute clip, Martha, fresh from New York, warns the Dowager: "My world is coming nearer, and your world is slipping further and further away."Bates' questionable crime looks like it could come to the fore this Christmas, as the Crawleys become implicated in a scandal that poses a threat to the monarchy. While Edith struggles to decide whether to keep her baby or not, things are right as rain for Rose, who is presented at Buckingham Palace to the King as part of her 'coming out'. Lady Mary's two admirers continue to vie for her attention, but this Christmas even grouchy Isobel Crawley could have a smile on her face after she finds an admirer. Below stairs, Daisy is treated to an unexpected visitor, who Carson thinks has ulterior motives.

Speaking of characters, "Downton Abbey" season 4 Christmas special casting confirmed:

Maggie Smith, Michelle Dockery, Hugh Bonneville, Elizabeth McGovern, Jim Carter, Penelope Wilton, Phyllis Logan, Lily James, Allen Leech, Brendan Coyle, Samantha Bond, Laura Carmichael, Joanne Froggatt, Lesley Nicol, Sophie McShera, Rob James-Collier, Ed Speleers, Cara Theobold, Kevin Doyle and Raquel Cassidy will all be returning for the special episode this festive season.

Shirley MacLaine will also be back and returning to her role as Martha Levinson, Cora's mother and also making their comebacks are Daisy Lewis, Patrick Kennedy, Tom Cullen, Julian Ovenden, Tim Drewe and Douglas Reith.

Showing up on the ITV period drama for the first time is Paul Giamatti portraying Cora's playboy Harold Levinson, while James Fox will take on the role of Aysgarth. Poppy Drayton plays his daughter Madeline, Oliver Dimsdale is the Prince of Wales and Guy Williams is playing King George V. Michael Benz will be Harold Levinsons valet, Ethan.

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